Embracing Enlightenment in Your Child and a Look into the 14th Dalai Lama

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The 14th Dalai LamaIf you are like us, you contain a huge regard for his Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama and if you don’t, more than likely you just have not had the chance to know his history and truly understand his contribution to the world.  When he was just a child he was chosen, CHOSEN.  It sounds all fine and dandy but could you imagine the potential pressure of being THE chosen one to bring peace and compassion to the consciousness of the planet through creative expression?  That might be a bit of a shoe to fill, if monks wore shoes that is.  So, as a young man his country was invaded and first conquered by the British who then retracted due to the disgust they felt for what they had done and next by China.  He has devoted his entire life to serving the world and freeing Tibet.  Most of us just think of this as a saying on a Hippy’s T-shirt but there is actually some merit behind this.  Tibet was “taken” from the people and the Dalai Lama went into exile as he is not permitted back unless he becomes Chinese.  We all might think that he should go back, but what if China came over to the USA and told us all we had to be Chinese and live Chinese or we could not live there?  We just might be slightly upset.

The reason for this lesson in history is that the Dalai Lama endures this.  Let us acknowledge that some choices have been ridiculed but without knowing him, the precise situation, all perspectives and the depth of the history within we could not possibly judge.  All we do know is that Tibet was a country and they are now a “restricted” area of China.  The Tibetan people have been in refuge in Choglamsar, India near Leh for over 50 years.  In that time, the Dalai Lama has toured the world speaking on compassion and the healing power of understanding and intention vs. bigotry and blame.  He has also authored and co-authored more than 70 books.  So how does he do it?  How does he have one of the brightest smiles on the planet and laugh in such a genuine chuckle that emanates that it is all beautiful in this world if you know how to see despite the fact he is a man ran out of his own state devoted to bring his people home?  Well, we think that we have a few answers that would allow you and your family to enjoy the power of patience and the curing aspects of compassion plus the rewards of unwavering resolve.

What I would like to offer you here is the idea that all human beings are enlightened at birth and it is our environmental experience that has affected us.  The Dalai Lama is a great example of the preservation of our enlightened soul being nurtured from childhood:

  1. At two years old he was selected as the rebirth of the 13th Dalai Lama and treated as an enlightened leader.
  2. He was exposed to teachings of enlightenment, universal principles, world history, intellectual expansion, and was handed down teachings from the ancient teachers to learn from.
  3. Isolated from the outside world during his early years protecting him from many limiting beliefs.
  4. Learned the principle of abundance as he was provided all needs for survival without submission of employment.
  5. He was free to express his creativity and to explore the world.

What we want to ask you is this, why can’t we do this for our own children?  We may have many “difficulties” in our world due to the invasive imposing ideals that have been placed on us and the limits of learning we had, but for our children we can do something.

Hanalei SwanWhen it comes to Hanalei Swan, you all get to see her light, her energy, and her distinct intuitive intelligence and genuine interest in people and yes she is special, and so are each of us.  We challenge you to look at these steps and see what you can give to your children and test the possibility of turning our world into a generation of gifted, grounded and objective children with world wide views that can be the change we all wish to see in the world.  Of course, any of us can do it but it is easier for children and they can be your best teacher because once you have planted the seed and that beautiful garden of gratitude, insight and inspiration started to grow, you most certainly don’t be the one to infest the garden with weeds or pluck away the bountiful bouquets of beauty that come with it.  Together, you can learn.

The world may not teach your children what you want and everything we learn is not only what we learn, but how it relates to other things we have learned before.  If that is not confusing enough, those two things coming together will form yet another belief if the mind of the child does not see a relationship of alignment.  There is no perfect answer and there are things that are hard to avoid as advertising is abundant, but your affirmations to your child and the way you show them the world can trump that manipulated “abundance”.

When you look at your child, think about the fact they can do anything because that is as simple as it has been with Hanalei.  When we wanted to travel, who were we to decide that she could not?  How did we know?  Projected fears of what ifs that are not substantiated or have not been cross examined for validity?  No.  It is our life, our child and our world, so we went forward.  This is not to say that there were not fears, yet we understood that life would be what we make it.

Hanalei does not worry about scarcity, regardless of what we experience.  She can not possibly understand it because it is human created.  We teach her and show her abundance.

Hanalei is told she can do anything, and she does and she can.  All of that she does with humility and consideration as well.

Hanalei is told in a genuine way with supporting “evidence” that she is amazing, a gift to the world and can do anything, because that is true for ANYONE.

Her education has been mostly about the world, reality, people and possibility.  Her critical thinking capacity is advanced due to the different cultures she has embraced.  Our youth does not judge innately so when they are exposed to “differences”, differences disappear.

Hanalei is just like your child and just like you and me.  We all can do anything.  If your heart warms up when you hear the chuckle of the Dalai Lama as he exudes inner peace and if you get goose bumps when you digest his calm conviction to the freedom and prosperity of all human beings based on mutual respect, just look at your beautiful kids because it is there.

Your child is a gift to you and to this world.  You can assist and guide them in being the next anything they want to be.  Hanalei is now making videos and confident that she has something to share with the world that they could find happiness in, kids and adults alike.  Of course as our daughter she is amazing and special, yet with humility, we know that any and every young being is capable of the same and their parents want the same.

In closing, you and your family are amazing and we want you to understand and discover what is important to you, know it is possible and then assist you in getting there!  Here is to a world full of “Dalai Lama’s” where our children are the fertilizer for the fruits of all of our futures.  The Unstoppable Family sees each and every one of you and the world, as our family, friends and team.

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  • Joan Nielsen

    Love this..As a mom of four my children are my gift and I love to live a more enlightened life and teach them although I think many times they know more them me =)
    This is what I am learning to do with my children now I am grateful I have come to this part in my life were all things are possible

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