How Hanalei Swan Became a Fashion Designer

It started off as a way to re-group from the chaos we had just gone through in real estate investing. A deal turned bad meant we were in a financial position we never thought we’d be in. [...]


10 Year Old Becomes a Fashion Designer

I’ve been working with my FAVORITE brand this week. I’m so excited to announce that my daughter Hanalei Swan is about to release her fashion collection. We have been working to get her set up for [...]


Should Kids Be on Facebook Live? I Think So

My girl, Hanalei, is crushing it with Facebook Live! I’ve had parents concern themselves with her being on Facebook live and in the public eye. They’ve asked me what the pro’s and [...]


10 Year Old Fashion Designer Prepares For Launch in August

When Hanalei was 3 year old, we wrote a book about her going to Paris. She has always wanted to go to Paris. When she was 7, she was able to go to Paris. We gave her an incentive to work towards [...]


What if We All Dreamed BIG Like Kids?

This past week, we hosted our Unstoppable Mastermind in Bali. I had a huge proud momma moment as I watched our daughter, Hanalei, talk to the room about her passions. She was hugely encouraging [...]


3 Words You Should Stop Using With Your Children

Two years before Hanalei was born, Rhonda & I were given a lil’ piece of advice to take the 3 words, “No, NOT and “Don’t” out of our vocabulary when speaking to [...]


What is The Unstoppable Kids Program?

  Oh man did we have the best Unstoppable Mastermind yet! I have had so much fun investing in our tribe members. One of the best things that happened at this event was the release of our [...]