Hanalei’s Biggest Sin in Business

 In unstoppable kids

Hanalei continues to blow me away. Not just because she’s my daughter, but because she is simply amazing. We had no idea the decisions she would make when we asked her, “What do you want to be now?”. We’ve given her the space to create and develop her passions.

Hanalei’s Launched Her Fashion Line

This past year, Hanalei launched her fashion line. She’s been a true inspiration to me and others around her.  She has accomplished so much already and does it with grace and joy. Brian and I want to help her succeed in life and are supportive of the things that she has pursued.

Hanalei has always had an interest in clothes, art, and design. She combined her interests and utilized her strengths to create a fantastic clothing line for women and children. She uses natural products and makes beautiful pieces that have sold well!

Hanalei has found events to attend and sold her custom pieces in Bali too. We are thrilled that she is working to grow her clothesline and stay open to a variety of places to sell in the marketplace.

Want to check out her store? You can see her designs here and send her a message if you see something you love.

A Lesson Learned


Recently, Hanalei was interviewed on Confessions of a Business Owner by Charley Valher and shared her biggest sin in the biz so far. When asked what she considered her biggest confession, she explained a story of where she learned that sales do not equal your profit.

After a great clothing event, she made $1600. Brian and I had to explain that part of that would need to pay for salaries and the fabric that it took to make the clothing. Hanalei learned a valuable lesson that day and realized that there is more to the bottom line than just sales.

Giving Back to Others

Hanalei has learned much about business in the last couple of years. However, she has taken it a step further and embraced giving back to others too. For every 8 items of clothing she sells, she will give $152 to needy children around the world. So much of the world lives in poverty, and she wants her brand to be a part of changing that.

Our Biggest Passion For Hanalei

Brian and I want her to see the value and opportunity of the freedom-preneur life. We want her to have endless possibilities in life! Working hard, creating a business, and learning so much at a young age enables her to head down this path from the beginning rather than getting stuck in a 9-5 job one day that she wants to escape.

We enjoy the freedom to travel and spend time together as a family. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

As freedom-preneurs, we are determined to pass this on to her so that she can advance in life with the flexibility and freedom that we enjoy too.

Hanalei is an exception to other kids her age that spend hours a day playing video games or watching TV. We want her to see that she can do so much more and starting today is a great way to build a future she will love. She is unstoppable and others can be too!

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