10 Year Old Fashion Designer Prepares For Launch in August

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When Hanalei was 3 year old, we wrote a book about her going to Paris. She has always wanted to go to Paris. When she was 7, she was able to go to Paris. We gave her an incentive to work towards her goal of going to Paris. We told her if she could get all of her spelling words right throughout the year, we would reward her with the trip.


She had a chance to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Luv and walk the streets with a fashion designer. That is where her passion for designing her own clothing line was born. She spent so much of her time doodling dresses and exploring her ideas of fashion.

She Took Action to Start Her Fashion Line

When she met Karen Keith, her mentor, we realized that there really was something to her ideas and they needed to be followed.

We are now cultivating that emotion and feeling in her. If we don’t put energy in our children’s passions, we miss out on the opportunity to watch them grow.

Her collection will be coming out this year. When we believe in our kids and give them the help they need, they will amaze us beyond our imaginations.

She Is Aware Of Her Brand

I’m so proud of this little lady, her dedication to being a kid during the day then following her passions and turning into a designer at night is inspiring.

The other night..she was tired. It had been a long busy week. She was wrapping up end of the year work for school. She accepted an award at school and then off to meet her mentor, tailor and patternmaker for the fitting of the next 4 dresses in the collection.


Even at 10 years old we all have a lot to learn from her on dedication, passion and brand awareness.

She Knows What Her Target Audience Is Looking For

The first dress came out and she jumped up and went right to it. Immediately, she noticed things that weren’t quite right. She had a meeting with her mentor and they discover alterations were not made as instructed and the material isn’t working on the prototype.

Her fashion show is planned for August, but this is her brand and there’s no compromise. So she went back to the drawing board. She is determined to present a fashion line that will represent her brand.

Takeaway Lesson

Your brand is you. It is compiled of your reputation, your dedication, and your value.

Never compromise!

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