What is The Unstoppable Kids Program?

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what is the unstoppable kids program

Oh man did we have the best Unstoppable Mastermind yet! I have had so much fun investing in our tribe members.

One of the best things that happened at this event was the release of our Unstoppable Kids product. We were so excited to have children in attendance.

Check out this video where Hanalei and I talk a little bit about what Unstoppable Kids is all about.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Like I said in my video, this idea was born in me, because I realized that leaving Hanalei at home wasn’t the best use of my time as a Freedom-preneur. After all, I got into the online world so that I could determine how to raise my daughter.

We developed this program to help shape the future of Freedom-preneurs. I believe that you can’t ever start too young when it comes to instill creativity and confidence in your children.

What is Unstoppable Kids?

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This program was developed so that kids could understand their potential. It is also designed to help parents understand their child’s value.

The kids are taken through 8 Seeds to Growing as an Unstoppable Kid.

8 Seeds to Growing as an Unstoppable Kid

  1. Happiness- we teach the children that true happiness comes from within them. The attitude they display is a reflection of what is going on inside their heart. When you are genuinely happy, you will be more successful in life. The right mindset and thoughts are what help an individual to feel content with life.
  2. Gratitude- being thankful for what you have is a vital part of being successful in life. When you take what you have for granted, then you will never feel you have enough. If you are thankful for all you have, then the universe provides you with all you need. Perspective is so important to being Unstoppable in every area of life.
  3. Creativity- I believe that creativity is maximized in the moment. Without being mentally present, creativity will pass you by. With the number of distractions that are out there, our children need to learn how to filter out what’s unimportant.
  4. Giving- most people give with strings attached. Instead of giving with the expectation of receiving, true giving comes from the heart. The real gift comes from watching the way the other person reacts to what you’ve done. Building kindness and generosity in our hearts gives a firm foundation to add to.
  5. Inspiring- we should build a diverse group of people in our lives so that we can be inspired in many areas. When you surround yourself by others that help you feel energized and powerful, you will accomplish so much more. Not only can others serve as an inspiration to you, you can inspire those around you.
  6. Purpose- everyone has a purpose in this world, and the earlier you understand what it is, the better. When you identify your passions and desires, you will accomplish great things. Without vision and purpose, you will walk around in life aimlessly.
  7. Learning- you are never too old to stop learning. In fact, if you are not learning, you are going backwards. When you create an atmosphere of learning, your mind will be open to many amazing things. This plays into the creativity that it takes to dream big.
  8. Growing- all things start with a seed, including ideas, thoughts, and activities. A seed, no matter how small, always grows exponentially from the size it started. Even if something seems small at the beginning, with the right care, it will flourish into something amazing.


What Parents Must Evaluate

This program is more than just for the kids. As parents, it is our job to encourage our children to be the best they can be.

You know what, though? Children learn from us through our example much more than they do through our words. Not to say that they learn nothing from what we say, but they are much more likely to model behavior that they have seen.

We ask parents questions like:

  • Do I live my life out of the box?
  • Do I feel Unstoppable?
  • What kind of example am I being to my children?
  • What legacy will I leave them?
  • Am I living an Unstoppable Life, or am I just talking about it?

Until you nail those things down in your own life, it can be hard to give your kids guidance. That is why it made so much sense to offer the Unstoppable Kids program at our Mastermind event.

I’m so excited about future Masterminds and the growth we will see in our children and adults.

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