Valentines Day at Carnival!

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You may remember last year that Swano got whipped by the Diablos during Carnival in Bocas Del Toro! Well it’s Carnival time again in Bocas del Toro, Panama and on Valentines Day, the Diablos were on the loose!

Carnival is a really exciting time in Panama and the Panamanians know how to party hard! This five day religious festival runs from Friday until Tuesday celebrating the end of evil, and the devil is killed on the last day of the celebration. The day afterwards, Ash Wednesday, represents a fresh start. During Carnival, the streets of Bocas Del Toro are alive with parades, colourful costumes, street vendors, music and dancing, and everyone is out to have the time of their lives! As part of the celebrations, it is customary for children and adults dressed as devils to run through the streets and whip at people’s legs!

Valentines Day Diablos at Carnival in Bocas Del Toro

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