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It wasn’t very long ago that I was driving in San Diego traffic an hour each way to work.

I would listen to self help books on keeping a positive mindset and being grateful for what I had in life.

I was always happy…but something was missing.

I had a great life growing up. Went to college, graduated, got a good job, moved to California, met my husband, surfed, traveled a bit, bought a house.

But, I was sleep walking through my days, doing what everyone else was doing, living a cookie cutter life.

Then it all hit me one day when I was at a work meeting. I saw a woman take her brand new baby to day care so she could come to work and build her career.

“That’s going to be me”, I thought.

The whole morning I had a pit in my stomach, because I grew up wanting to be the career woman that had so much power, a great job and a lot of money, and now I was realizing to have all that would be at the cost of my family.

“I don’t want that to be me”, I thought.

But what would I do?

How would I do it?

What would people say?

How would they react?

All these questions raced through my mind, until I almost made myself sick. Then I decided to look into my options to see what I could do to stop this cycle of “sleep walking” and “dangled carrot” living.

My vision fueled my obsession for finding a solution.

I started with:
Brick and Mortar Business:

* Large time and money investment
* ROI was long and un-predictable
* Same, if not more hours in my day to run


* Had a system ( which I liked)
* Higher upfront investment than Brick and Mortar
* 5 year break even plan
* Trading time for money
* Employees

Then I saw an add on the TV about making money on the internet…It was super cheezy, but it had me thinking.

If there were a million BS things out there, 1 must be legit…right?

This was 9 years ago when the information age was just starting to pick up speed. I thought to myself, “The world is growing, and the internet is going to be the next way for people to build a business and share information”, I have to look into it.

Which brings us to today.

Forbes magazine just reported that 79 million people will have a home based business in the next 5 years and over 49 million of them will be offering information products that either they created or someone else has created for them to market.

Today I am living a “Pinch Me Life”.

I quit my job 3 months after that day and have been working online ever since. My daughter has never seen daycare, Brian and I have been the primary influence in her life since the day she was born.

We now have the ability to travel and to live where ever we want in the world because of the internet. We offer our own products and workshops along with marketing and selling information products from one of the largest online companies in the world.

My vision was not overnight…but today I can truly say that I am living my vision, my passion and a “Pinch Me Life”.

I put this video together using Magisto to share a bit of our island life while here in Bocas Del Toro Panama.

I hope you enjoy.

Have an Unstoppable Day!

RHonda Swan

— in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

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