“Top 8 Ways To Getting More Done In A Day”

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“Top 8 Ways To Getting More Done In A Day”

1. Systems & Efficiency

Every day I set my day up for success.
I wake up and write down a list of what I need to complete for the morning and for the day.
I call it my daily DMO  (Daily Method of Operation) by setting my systems everyday
gives me more time to spend with my daughter and  enjoy my day.
I use  to outsource certain little things I need done that I do not want to do,
Such as video editing, back linking, and graphics to name a few.

What systems do you have in place?
What are using to be more efficient?


2. Prioritize

Watch your interruptions when you have certain things to check of your list.
I use “Rescue Time.com” to keep track of the amount of time I am wasting away
from my important tasks.

NO Facebook, NO text messages, NO phone calls while you are working on your tasks.
Remember focused management is the new time management.
The key here is focus and prioritization.  How are you working your list?
What system do you have in place?
If you want to get more done in 2 hours then most people get done all day,
get you mind right first thing in the morning, and focus on what needs to get done.


3. Exercise

My mind may be in the right place but if my body is not taken care of then
my productivity and focus goes down, so I make sure I get at minimum of 30
minutes of exercise each day to get the blood flowing!
I personally love cross fit, because it keeps me motivated and working out
with a group really pumps me up!
I have found Cross Fit gyms all over the world just by searching on their website.

4.  Music

Music soothes the soul and motivated the muse. We jam music, it keeps us focused
and on task. We have little dance parties just to get us moving and motivated
during the day.
When you need to get it done, turn it up. Don’t worry about what others think.

I love to stream from Spotify.

Bottom line: Rock ON!

5.  All Work and No Play

You have to know when to step away.
I think more stress comes from forcing things and getting stuck in mind.
Life is meant to be lived. Step back from the activities and go have some fun.
Better yet, reward yourself with some play time when you get a task done.
Don’t ever grow up it is overrated.

Have fun
6. Understand “Your Why”Riding bikes in San Diego

Motivation comes from within.
You have to understand “Why” you are doing what you are doing.
Put pictures, motivational messages, ideas, anything that helps you remember
why you are working on what you are working for.

My daughter is my biggest “WHY”, when I promised her 6 years ago when she
was born that I would stay home to raise her and not put her in daycare
I meant it. So each and everyday i visualize my WHY and recite the promise
I made to her, and that gives me the motivation to continue on.

The bottom line is what is your “Why”? Why are you doing what you are doing
right now in this moment.
Does it serve your purpose, your higher goal? Critical you get huge “Whys” in your life.


7.  Have Purpose

8.5 years ago, I took the leap towards FREEDOM.   I quit
my corporate job of 10 years being an Executive to create the life I deserved to live,
Not what a company dictated, or a BOSS. I then became a FREEDOM-FIGHTER
teaching and inspiring others to take charge of their life, make their own decisions and
start relying on them selves. This became my purpose.

Do you have a purpose?

8.  Give Back

The simple act of kindness is a powerful energy and force that can move mountains in
your day. Just by taking a few minutes to help someone, give them a smile or share
an experience you had that helped you move on, will increase your positive energy and
vibration, in return giving you more for your day!

If these 8 Ways for Getting More Done in Your Day Helped You, The Please Share Your
Thoughts Or Comments Below.


I cannot make you successful, but I will give you all the tools to help you do it yourself!

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  • Oberon De Monet

    My own top tip would be to go over your task list and ask ‘does this do anything towards MY goals, or is a bit pointless, or even worse – there for someone else!?’. You’d be surprised how much stuff we do on a daily basis that foesn’t move us forward!

  • Scott Searls

    My best tip is listen to Brian and Rhonda. They are battle tested and planet approved.

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