They Spelled Her Name Wrong In Front Of 6,000 People!

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Have you ever walked out on a

stage in front 6,000 people and

your name is misspelled?

Well, it happened yesterday to my

wife, Rhonda Swan….


And here’s a Facebook pic we shared

from the stage after we were given an

award for placing #19 out of  190,000

people in the competition.


BTW….60 Days from now a game changer 

in the industry of  Online Media and Internet

Marketing will be released… and we got to

check it out over the weekend.




Well, the Time has come and Wanda (opps,

I mean Rhonda) has drank the Empower

Network kool-aid.

After fighting it, denying it and judging them,

she finally took a look inside and was blown away.


This company has created a culture and products

that any person that wants to learn how to be successful

working online,  have the best tools, and training from

successful people that have done it will benefit.


This is why she decided to look inside, and is happy

she did.

Watch this video to see what Empower Offers.

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You can use what you learn here, to market anything, 
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For whichever business you are in.

We have thousands of people from thousands
of different companies using the Empower Network
to build their businesses.

And… if you don’t have a business, you can use
the Empower Network as your Primary Business
if you like.


With over $60,000,000.00 already paid out in
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See Full Income Disclaimer

Success Stories are popping like a bag of
Orville Redenbacher on HIGH!

Cheers from Denver,


Brian & Rhonda Swan



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Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan


Brian Swan ( Go say hi to Wanda )



[New Video] on our sales system



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