“How We Became UNSTOPPABLE and Kicked Fear In the Face”

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This video above is one that we shot in Fiji, 18 months after we lost everything.  We discuss this exact situation I am talking about below in this post, and how we made it through the hard times.


Post Begins:
Have you ever been in a moment where you find out something that brings a horrible pit in your stomach and a surge of fear rolls over you?

Go back to a moment just like this right now…

Get present to it, and bring up the feelings you had in that moment….Do it now (i’ll wait) Do you feel anxiety? or have a nervous sensation run through your body?

When I do this, I go back to the day we found out that we were losing everything we had in a bad real estate deal. I was in the kitchen and Brian Swan walked in with a horrible look on his face, that made my stomach drop.

He said “We need to go see the lawyer, this is bad”.

I am not going to go into all the details of how, and what happened in this moment but I will share with you how we handled it…and why we will never allow failure to stop us, and neither should you.

This Was A Defining Moment

My little girl Hanalei was just born, and we had built up our online business so that we could invest in a large project to retire our families, and to create a legacy for our daughter, and now that dream was gone.

We had taken the leap and quit our jobs to run an online business just 2 years before this moment to have FREEDOM and to live as a FREEDOM-Preneur…now what do we do?

Go back to our jobs with our tail between our legs…

Move in with our parents…

I made a promise to my little girl that I would never put her in Day Care, that was my vow. So now what do I do? Do I allow this big bump in the road derail my dreams or do I go after them?

What would you do? ( think about it..I’ll wait)

Well, I am not going to say it was easy…and that the decision came overnight to take charge of my emotions and feelings and continue on my journey of FREEDOM, but I will tell you this…

Nothing….I mean NOTHING was going to stop me from living out the dreams I had set out to achieve for my family.

So what did we do?

How were we able to rebuild our futures in a short period of time and be traveling the world like we are now?

We got clear.

Crystal clear on what we wanted and here are the 4 Steps we used to get clear.


4 Steps To Getting Clear and BE UNSTOPPABLE

1. Got clear on our WHY. ( Not putting my daughter in daycare and being FREE from a Job was our ultimate WHY)

2. Stepped through the fear and realized that we are not our circumstance. We are still the same leaders and role models whether we have money in the bank or not.

3. Took massive action in our business.
Leaned on our experiences and knowledge we had from running a business for the last 2 years. Sold everything we had and left the rest behind; The fear, the blame and the uncertainty.

4. Started sharing our story to inspire others to make it through tough times no matter what and to share the vehicle that got us back on top.

I hope this post inspires you to step through FEAR to the other side of Success, if it has please let me know below.

Rhonda~ Unstoppable Mamma

P.S. Remember me mentioning above that we had left our JOB’s for FREEDOM and to become FREEDOM-Preneurs? 

Well, that decision is how we were able to do it so quick…

Having a business model that is automated and doesn’t require a lot of overhead allowed us to start sharing our story through our blog and inspiring others to do the same.

We love to share that vehicle with others so that they too can have the opportunity to get back on their feet quickly or to pre-pare for their future and start thinking and living like a FREEDOM-Preneur.

Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan


Brian & Rhonda Swan

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