What price are you willing to pay for FREEDOM?

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What price are you willing to pay for FREEDOM?

Breaking out on your own is hard. Just ask anyone that runs their own business, and you can pretty much guarantee that the one answer that will be consistent across the board is that it’s hard to be your own boss.

No guaranteed pay-check; no water-cooler conversations to split the day up; no big corporate budgets for projects and pitches.

But no-one said it would be easy. It takes hard work, commitment, lots of compromise and hard knocks to get to the point where you want to be. But the satisfaction and kick-back that you get when you get there makes all the struggle worthwhile.

8.5 yrs. ago my vision was so big, and FREEDOM was even bigger that I was willing to do what ever it took, how ever long to live the life I deserved, to not have to put my daughter in daycare and to live a life of choice and FREEDOM.

What about you?

Do you have a vision?

A goal?

Desiree FREEDOM so bad that you can taste it?

If so

Are you taking the necessary steps to get there?

I have met so many people in the last 8.5 years of being an entrepreneur that say they want FREEDOM, but they never take the action to actually get it, or they allow FEAR to get in their way of taking action and never do anything about it.

One thing I have learned that has taken me out of FEAR and into FREEDOM of traveling around the world with my family for the last 4.5 years, being with my daughter for every day of her life and never having to answer to a boss is.


Straight up….ACTION.

You see “Success Is On The Other Side Of Fear” and all you need to do is step through to the other side to get it or you will be stuck forever admiring and talking about how others have such a great life and you don’t.

Do you get that?

The moment you stop allowing FEAR to cripple you and allow FREEDOM to inspire you..

Will be the moment you are FREE.

Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan

Rhonda Swan~ FREEDOM Fighter & Unstoppable Mamma

Join Us In The Crusade Toward FREEDOM!


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