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Question for you…

lets go

lets go


What would you do if you went to the airport and someone offered you a
chance for a FREE trip to a randomly chosen destination that is more
adventurous than yours?

The kicker…

You have to cancel the flight you were going on and depart right
then for the destination that you land on.

Would you do it?

This question and video was recently posed by Heineken’s new
“Dropped” Project. ‘Dropped’, Heineken’s® social experiment
where only legendary travelers need apply”

After watching the video it got me thinking…



How many people would be willing to drop everything and live
on the edge of chance?   So many people these days are so afraid
to do anything out of their comfort zone so they sleep walk through
life and wonder if things will ever change for them.

The only way your life will change is by doing something
that makes you completely uncomfortable and takes you out of your
comfort zone and scares the “Hell” out of you!

Or you can be like the other 98% of the world and just
allow life to happen to you, and become the sleep walker
through life that wonders, just wonders how “Other” people
can have an exciting, adventurous life and they can’t.

It’s the 2% of the world that actually live!

So what’s it going to be?

Would you do it?





Brian & Rhonda Swan











This video is directly from the Heineken site for dropped.




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