Day in the Life of a Freedom-Preneur With Micheal Franti

We’ve been big fans of Michael Franti for a long time. As far back as 2009, we spent time backstage at one of his concerts. We are raving fans for this guy. Back in 2013, we had the privilege of [...]


The Way We See The World

  A few weeks ago, Hanalei and I were shopping for a new rug here in Bali. We went down to the market area and found a great place to look around. Shopping in the streets of bali is always [...]


What If You Knew You Had an Expiration Date?

Rhonda and I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Speak in Dubai event. While I was there, I had the chance to put together this talk. What if you knew you had an expiration date on your [...]


Unstoppable Family Book of the Month Picks

Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives I’m so excited to share with you our Unstoppable Family book of the month picks. Each one of us have chosen a book that we are going to read [...]

Freedom-Preneur…the 8 Phases of Leadership

Freedom-Preneur…the 8 Phases of Leadership If you have been following me on Facebook, then you’ll know Brian, Hanalei were in Nashville, Tennessee for over a week in April for our [...]

Letting Your Dream Manifest

Have you ever had a thought in your mind that you just couldn’t shake? Over time, that small thought becomes more. It takes on the shape of a dream. That is what has been going on for Brian [...]


Living the Pinch Me Life

Everyday I wake up and “Pinch Myself” It wasn’t very long ago that I was driving in San Diego traffic an hour each way to work. I would listen to self help books on keeping a [...]

[E-Book] Secrets To Living As A Freedom-Preneur

  Our Special Gift To You “The Secrets To Living As A Freedom-Preneur ”   E-Book   Our Mission is to inspire and create more and more FREEDOM-Preneurs in this world. If we [...]


[Vagabond/Freedom-Preneur] “Success Story From A 911 Flight Attendant”

9-11 flight attendant & her husband move to Thailand this past week, to start the Vagabond/ Freedom-Preneur Lifestyle How do you say this is possible…. … Kimberley Vento called in [...]


Don’t Let Your Dreams Go MIA..

So many of us want to get our dreams sincerely and we are great people who deserve them.  We go after them, make plans, tell our friends and for some reason when it comes time to press go, we get [...]