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Gateshead Millennium Bridge NewcastleSo many of us want to get our dreams sincerely and we are great people who deserve them.  We go after them, make plans, tell our friends and for some reason when it comes time to press go, we get tripped up on occasion.

Now, if you are like me you have experienced the myriad of feelings that are a part of this and are behind it.  You may feel in a hurry or even feel like you are going to miss something if it is not done.  Perhaps, you are the judge, jury and executioner when you don’t do what you were “supposed” to do. (please forgive me for using the S word)!


The Unstoppable Family is about being Unstoppable and knowing what we want makes us so.  When we know what we want we can understand what we have put in our own way and challenge the beliefs that stop us from having everything that we deserve and subsequently allow our dreams to go MIA.  Well, let’s see why?

M is for Must.  We must not do anything, it is always choice and I mean that in the most compassionate of ways.  Choice is true choice, meaning what you want and not meaning to blame you to say, “well, that was a choice,” because we all feel so much better when we hear that, right?   When it is a must moving us, you won’t be moved for long because it is a blind course.  We don’t have to know how but we do have to actually be able to digest the idea that we can have our dreams and deepest desires.  Must keeps us at distance from reality in a state of frantic panic, which gets in the way of genuine choice.  The choices I speak of are the ones that come from clarity, knowing and patient endurance.  Ready to learn to make those choices?  You will know how when The Unstoppable Family Book is released this winter!

I is for Incentive.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions in our society today.  Incentive is usually money in most cases and we just flat out do not want money.  Money for the sake of money is not enough because money is for survival, but what are you surviving for?  Ask yourself that question so that you know your ends instead of the means and you go from incentivized to inspired.  Incentive implies that you don’t already have what you need and that there is something out there that will make you whole.  If we feel that way, how can we feel at peace and without peace, how can we truly prevail with dreams that leave a legacy?  Move from incentive to inspiration by asking without a single should, have to or supposed to, what it is that you love and then explore the million and one ways it can be yours.  Inspiration will be YOURS and so will your dreams!

A is for Ambition.  We all want to say that we are ambitious and that it is a good thing.  If you are to look at the root word, ambi, it means to go two different directions.  Ambition is to go for something from a place of fear of not getting it.  If you are feeling fear about your goal or dream then you are in no way clear.  Getting clear involves knowing your fears, what you truly want and understanding that you don’t have to be a perfect superhero and do it in less than record time to be a decent human being.  Read the stories of success, although it is painted socially that we are to be flawless and vigorously productive, this is not what brings success and the balanced flow of the Unstoppable Family that we are, displays that.  It takes steps and you want to have a life.  Ambition is a fear of the unknown with a throttle towards the end to get it over with.  Too often this ambition creates destruction, as consideration of others is not a part of the equation of those head strong towards a finish line they fear not crossing.  We don’t want to fear not getting dreams, we want to play and dance as we calmly welcome them in!  This ambition leaves out the joy of the journey and a plethora of other opportunities to play while you are on the way to that dream you will certainly reach!  Patience and a balanced outlook will get you there!

What if I told you that you could go from dreams that are MIA to planning getaways where you land, or for the more adventurous, depart from MIA (Miami International Airport)?  You can and you will as you embrace P.A.C.E. in your daily actions!  Patience, Acceptance, Clarity and Enduranceand what those words mean to you.  The real work we all do is on the inside where we direct our

thoughts, emotions and actions towards our dreams and others in order to live in mutual interest.  Then, if you are super stoked about that, our 30 day interactive coaching program will get you on P.A.C.E. to experience dream after dream!  Are you ready to be Unstoppable and discover your achieving Freedom-Preneur within?  If so we are ready to assist you in getting there with whatever is the next step for you!

So for this week, let the only thing that is MIA be the airport not your musts, incentive based actions and fears.  Life is a balance and it is you, you already have all it takes so let’s organize intention and be Unstoppable together!


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