[Vagabond/Freedom-Preneur] “Success Story From A 911 Flight Attendant”

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Scott & Kim Vento

Scott & Kim Vento9-11 flight attendant & her husband move to Thailand this past week…

9-11 flight attendant & her husband move to Thailand this past week, to start the Vagabond/ Freedom-Preneur Lifestyle
How do you say this is possible….

… Kimberley Vento called in sick that day of Sept 11th, 2001…check out her story.

My life was saved on 9/11 from a migraine headache. I was a flight attendant with United Airlines based in San Francisco and was scheduled to fly back with the Newark based crew as “an extra stu” position on United flight 93.

I had flown 2 other trips with most of the crew that died on 9/11. God had another plan for me and blessed me with excruciating pain so I would have to call in sick for that trip. My son was in 5th grade and was freaked out because he knew my flight schedules and he knew that could have been me.

He begged me not to fly again so I took 30 days off to stay with him, then I took 15 months furlough that was offered and when that ended I quit my job with United.

When you experience pain or a circumstance you don’t quite understand why you’re going through it, just keep the faith that there is a plan for you, bigger than you may realize.”

Kimberly Vento, Vagabond and Freedom-Preneur

Why We Are Inspired By This Vagabonding Couple?

Congrats to this cool couple, Kimberly & Scott Vento…who just picked up and moved to Thailand this past week from S. California to live out their dreams, run their online business and

Scott’s story is amazing upon itself…. he just quit his JOB of over 20+ years! Why….to follow his dreams to Thailand to pursue his passion of Muay Thai…even further.

Why does their Story….really connect with me?

1) They are pursuing their Passions….

2) They are taking Action…not just talking about it.

3) They are Loving & Enjoying Life  ….Today! 

My wife, RHonda Swan & I have had the pleasure to personally work with this fun, caring couple over these past few months…

What’s amazing to me…is that these are the types of people that we get to work with.

It’s stories like these that inspire us (Unstoppable Family) to keep going….no matter what people think, say or do.

I feel blessed to be alive and to be living my dreams…now!

I encourage you to connect and follow this fun loving couple:https://www.facebook.com/TheInspiredTraveler
Lastly…this is the video they found of us on Facebook earliers this year…and how they started working with us directly:  http://6figuresurfer.com/welcome


Vagabonding and Living As A Freedom-Preneur?

  • Taking control of your circumstances instead of passively allowing them to take control of your life. 
  • Ongoing practice of looking and learning and testing the waters that will pull you into new places.
  • Gaining the courage to release our grip on the so called certainties of this world 
  • Refusing to exhile travel to a more simple time in your life
  • A time for you to look out of your comfort zone and begin to embrace the exhilarating certainty that true travel can offer.
  • Facing Fears and breaking habits.

Are you ready to live  and think as a VAGABOND?  or are you slowly fading away?

Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan


Aloha from the Canary Islands of Spain…

Brian & Rhonda Swan

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“SomeDay Is A Disease” ~ Rolf Potts

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