The Unstoppable Mastermind

I have been part of  mastermind groups for years, and have been hosting the “Unstoppable Mastermind”  for the last year.  In fact we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary of the [...]


Freedom-Preneur Formula E- Book w/ a Twist

I don’t know if you have been following me on Facebook or not, but I have had some really exciting things happening over the last few weeks. First, Brian and I have been watching some of our [...]


What Makes Me a Weird Entrepreneur?

Recently I was asked to be a guest on the Weird Entrepreneurs podcast. What an honor it was for me to come onto the show and explain what makes me weird, or out of the ordinary when it comes to [...]

6 Steps Of Mentally Strong People

    I have been an athlete all my life. When I was 6 I remember telling my Dad that I was going to play in the Olympics, I has no idea what I was going to do, but I was going to do it. [...]

FreedomPreneur: Living A Life Of Freedom

So, what does living FREE really mean? Does it mean that you can stop earning money and skate by on your good looks for the rest of your life? No, of course not.   What it means to live free is [...]


The Truth about Succeeding In A Home Based Business

The Truth about Succeeding in a Home Based  Business, and why -The Truth Will Set You Free- If you are looking to exit the rat race and daily grind of the 9-5 routine, you are not alone. Forbes [...]


Create a Financial Empire Using Leverage & Free Enterprise

How do you get from employee to entrepreneur? From self-employment in a small business to a large business organization generating cash flow to be an investor?  In this 30-minute audio download, [...]


How To Set Super, Juicy, Unstoppable Goals in 30 Days or Less

“How To Set, Super, Juicy, Unstoppable Goals” Creating a clear, concise and focused vision on exactly what you want, how you are going to achieve it then taking “MASSIVE, [...]


Bridging the Gap From Ideas To Reality

A woman’s vision cannot be stopped! But how do you bridge the gap from idea to a reality?I was asking this exact question 8.5 years ago after I realized all the time I spent climbing the [...]