What Makes Me a Weird Entrepreneur?

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what makes me a weird entrepreneur

Recently I was asked to be a guest on the Weird Entrepreneurs podcast. What an honor it was for me to come onto the show and explain what makes me weird, or out of the ordinary when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

Be sure to check out that interview hosted by Justin Verrengia. He is an amazing guy and has brought on many well known entrepreneurs to his show. That is why I was so excited to have a chance to talk with him.

What Makes Me a Weird Entrepreneur?

10428522_10152790729541297_709186646000449914_nI’m a pretty weird gal on my own, just take a look at the crazy stuff I get into. It’s not every day you get to hold a monkey while hanging out on a private island with your family.

Aside from my general craziness, I have something that sets me apart from others around me. Of course, I’m not bragging on myself here, because you know what? You have something different about you that sets you apart from others also.

What makes me weird is that I have embraced those differences about who I am and what my priorities are, and I have pursued that. Long ago, I gave up corporate America in pursuit for my own version of the American dream.

My version of the American dream looks like me rocking my bathing suit in March while holding the cutest little monkey. What does your version of the dream look like?


I’m Driven By My Unstoppable Attitude

If you listen to my interview, you will hear me talk about my journey to developing my unstoppable attitude. It all started with a tiny spark that ignited in my soul.

One day, I walked into a business meeting for the company I worked for like any other day. By the end of that meeting, I walked out a changed woman. My mind about life had done a complete turn around.

From this day forward, I just knew I had to step off the corporate ladder I was climbing. You see, when you are on the corporate ladder, you are just standing in line.

After that life changing meeting, my heart was asking me “Do you even know what you are standing in line for?”. From my office chair that morning, my heart responded, “I’m standing in line for my own funeral”.

It was in that moment that I took on an Unstoppable attitude.

My Goal Was to Replace My Income, Not Eliminate it

Some women come home from their corporate jobs so that they can raise a family. They are completely prepared to sacrifice their income to raise their precious babies. 

For me, I asked the question, “What if I can do both?”. Really, what if I could come home and raise my family while making a 6 figure income? Let’s be real here, taking that large of a salary decrease would have caused Brian and I to hit financial crisis.

I couldn’t put my family in financial crisis, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to drop my baby off at daycare. This dilemma caused me to get serious about working from home.

Was it easy to replace my income? No! There is no easy button in life. I didn’t develop the Unstoppable mindset because I had everything handed over to me without having to work for it.

We Developed a Money Making Empire

Fast forward our lives and here we are. Brian and I have developed a money making empire. Not only do we earn enough to have quit our jobs, but we also help others to do the same.

Wanna know one of the most amazing things about jumping off the corporate ladder? You see, when you are on a ladder, you do not get to share a wrung. In fact, the whole point is to block the way to the top from everyone underneath of you. 

That is not what Brian and I are about. We don’t want to block the way of other people who want to be leaders and entrepreneurs. We have made it our mission to build a tribe of people that can learn from our mistakes and our successes. 

To fully answer the question I posed at the beginning, “What makes me a weird entrepreneur?”

Are you ready to be a part of the Unstoppable Tribe?


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  • Val

    I find you very inspiring Rhonda, Im really enjoying being part of the crazy tribe!!

  • Aga

    Great post Rhonda, love that weirdness in you 🙂

  • Regina Van de Velden

    super cool interview. i already know your story and stories but i love hearing them still. this whole weird entrepreneur brand is so cool.

  • CJ Pereira

    Amazing Interview thank you for having a vision for your daughter, thank you for sharing that vision with all of us, I love you guys to pieces, LOL you cracked me up when you called us a barrel of monkeys in a comment today, Miss you see you soon.

  • Miah

    I love this! You, Rhonda, have definitely overcome many obstacles and defied the odds to get where you are. And by being called “Weird”, it is actually a compliment. You are called “Weird” because you have broken out of what everyone expects and started living the life you want. I want to be called “Weird” by being myself and not what everyone expects, or classifies as the “Social Norm”. Thanks for sharing!

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