Create a Financial Empire Using Leverage & Free Enterprise

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How do you get from employee to entrepreneur? From self-employment in a small business to a large business organization generating cash flow to be an investor?  In this 30-minute audio download, Rhonda examines the mechanics of wealth in the four paths to making money- being an employee, being self-employed, being a large business owner, or being an investor.  She discusses the two things that separate the wealthy from everyone else- leverage and control, and how you get to the point where you can exercise these two key elements.

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Myths & Truths Repost of Network Marketing

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  After working online for 9 years we have discovered some of the secrets to building a Financial Empire, the #1 Secret is having a combination of a low entry program combined with a  High Ticket Product.

Which business model makes more sense for you and your personality?

Would you rather work with a smaller handful of leaders and make an incredible upfront income?

Or would you rather build a large group of tens of thousands of reps so you can potentially build a significant back-end, long-term residual income?  If you have a solid work ethic, a positive attitude and you plug into a successful system, you can create an incredible lifestyle with either business model.

Just keep in mind, that whichever you choose, it’s important that you have a self branded Attraction Marketing and sales funnel system in place that will allow you to to 3 things: Brand yourself as a leader, teach you effective marketing skills so you can generate 50-100+ leads a day, and make instant profits from every one of your prospects.

This is the one that I personally use, and it’s hands down the very best online marketing system and blogging platform around.


Create a financial empire


Rhonda Swan

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