How To Set Super, Juicy, Unstoppable Goals in 30 Days or Less

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On Stage in Front of 6800 People

On Stage in Front of 6800 People

“How To Set, Super, Juicy, Unstoppable Goals”

Creating a clear, concise and focused vision on exactly what you want, how you are going to achieve it then taking “MASSIVE, Whatever It Takes Action” is how you
reach your juiciest goals!

Below is a very simple formula to setting goals and creating predictable outcomes.

Setting goals is as simple as following a recipe for baking a cake, you follow the recipe by its exact steps and the result is predictable.  Once you know the recipe you just continue to follow each step to create results over and over again.


Simple How To Set Goals:

1. Write out your goal in present tense
2. Give it a Start Date & Time Frame
3. Visualize what it will feel like, look like and even smell like
4. Take MASSIVE Action with NO EXCUSES
5. Rinse and Repeat

Massive Action Plan If You Are An Online Marketer & Blogger

1. Shoot a Video Daily
2. Blog Daily
3. Share with your list
4. Share on Social Media
5. Market Daily

Are you taking the necessary steps to get there?

I have met so many people in the last 8.5 years of being an entrepreneur that say they want FREEDOM, but they never take the action to actually get it, or they allow FEAR to get in their way of taking action and never do anything about it.

One thing I have learned that has taken me out of FEAR and into FREEDOM of traveling around the world with my family for the last 4.5 years, being with my daughter for every day of her life and never having to answer to a boss is.


Straight up….ACTION.

You see “Success Is On The Other Side Of Fear” and all you need to do is step through to the other side to get it or you will be stuck forever admiring and talking about how others have such a great life and you don’t.

Do you get that?

The moment you stop allowing FEAR to cripple you and allow FREEDOM to inspire you..

Will be the moment you are FREE.



So Exciting to have the honor to be on stage in front of 6800 people!!   It’s all about getting clear and focused and taking Massive Action.

Are you ready to take massive action to reach your goals?

Brian & Rhonda Swan

Brian & Rhonda Swan


Brian & Rhonda Swan

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