Difference Between a Freedom-Preneur and an Entrepreneur

Maybe you have been following our blog for a while and wondering if you can pursue your dreams and become a Freedom-preneur like us.   I assure you that this is a goal you can reach if you put [...]

The Best of Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Bocas Del Toro, Panama is a hidden gem tucked away in the Caribbean. Colorful and utterly Caribbean, this town of clapboard houses was built by the United Fruit Company in the early 20th century. [...]


Can We Change Our Lives Just By Thinking Differently?

Good morning my friends. This picture was taken on the chair lift in Morocco at 10,000 feet.  I was flipping through my pics and this one popped out to me….because I remember the moment.  I [...]


Thought Provoking Thursday..Your Perception Creates Your Reality

Good Morning and Happy Happy “Thought Provoking Thursday” When the world throws you garbage…do you send musice? I have a thought…then a question for you today. Have you [...]


Are you Sabotaging Your Success with the Promises you Make to Yourself?

If we are the ultimate controller of our results… Then why would we break promises to ourselves or sabotage the very map we set out to explore and discover?   Well, I figured this article [...]


What Does Creating Massive Results, Conscious Thinking and Vegas Have in Common?

Let’s Explore… How aware are you of your thoughts? Do you think consciously or unconsciously? I remember when the idea that “thoughts are things“ came into my life and I [...]


Rhonda heads to the 4th Annual Unstoppable Foundation Gala

If you would like to know more about the Unstoppable Foundation and how you can be a part of this amazing movement go to their page Unstoppable Foundation The Unstoppable Family donates 50% of [...]


Easter with the Kids: Ultimate Resorts for a Half Term Break

Easter with the Kids: Ultimate Resorts for a Half Term Break With the kids off from school, it makes sense to enjoy a family holiday if you’re not tied down by work constraints. Take your pick [...]


Unstoppable Family on Life Choices Create Your Lifestyle

Today I celebrate gratitude for making the choice in 2005 to work for myself.  Today my daughter Hanalei is home from school not feeling well, and I am able to stay home with her and take care of [...]

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