What Does Creating Massive Results, Conscious Thinking and Vegas Have in Common?

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Let’s Explore…

How aware are you of your thoughts? Do you think consciously or unconsciously?

I remember when the idea that thoughts are things came into my life and I started to become aware of the things I was saying to myself on a daily basis and it freaked me out…

To think that the thoughts that I was saying inside my mind that no one could hear actually created a vibration and an energy that was broadcasted out to the universe to give me more of what I was sending out made me become more aware of my thoughts.

Is this all a bunch of Hokey Pokey…?

but what if it wasn’t? What could l lose by thinking in a more positive way that was less critical? So I started testing this theory and what I found has created a whole new way of thinking, living and creating this masterpiece I call life.

Lurking Fears….

Anytime I have a fearful thought that is not contributing to me moving forward I immediately ask myself this question. “What are you afraid of” is it real or are you trying to talk yourself into not doing something that you know you will benefit from, or even crazier learn from.These day’s I look at failure in a good light, if things don’t go the way I had expected or how I wanted them to, I use it as a guideline for the next instead of sabotaging myself over not succeeding. 

Self Talk is the hidden Dream Crusher…

You can never be as successful as them, you’re not good enough. How could you have done that? or Man you look fat” even if you don’t say these things out loud your subconscious is hearing it and sending a negative vibration through your body and matching it destroying any chance of consistant happiness. Simple awareness and love for yourself can create more results in your life than you can imagine.

So what does this have to do with Vegas?

Last week I spent 8 days in Vegas with my partners and 5 VIP’s that were ready to take their life and business to a whole new level of results.
We stayed in an 8 bedroom mansion, had a personal chef, cruised around in Hummer Limo’s all week and worked outside by the swim up pool and waterfall as much as we could.

Why did we do this? 

When you take yourself out of the space of poverty and put yourself in an environment that is pure abundant in every way you begin to think differently. Your mind focuses on what you can create, what you want out of life and how you are going to get it.

This week I observed people facing fears and stepping through them faster than they ever have before and going after what they wanted. As I observed this transition some of them were going through I asked myself “I wonder if they would have done this if they were alone” would they remove the fearful thoughts that were in their minds and go after what they wanted?

Some may be able to to this, but many of us might get stuck in our heads of critical thinking and sabotage our good intentions all together, to then create yet another spiral of negative thoughts that keep us from getting where we want to go.

So today I offer this challenge. 

Be conscious of your thoughts, be aware of the negative comments you say to yourself or the self talk that does not serve you and push through….do something that you would not do on your own and tell people about what you did.
When they respond be aware of what they say and how you perceive it.

This very conscious effort of awareness can catapult you to a whole new dimension and encourage you to do more than you ever thought you could, if you would like to join us for the next VIP Mastermind send me a personal message.  UnstoppableFamily@gmail.com

Next mastermind is August 2013…..Join us!

Today, I invite you to BE UNSTOPPABLE!

If you are in the mindset of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing more than you have ever done for yourself then reach out.  We love help people get there.

Heavenly Fun

Heavenly Fun

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