From the Mind of a 6 Yr. Old Global Citizen: Hanalei Swan

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GLobal Citizen

GLobal Citizen

Lately we have gotten a number of people that have responded to our posts about traveling with our little girl and how “selfish we are to be “dragging her around, place to place with no stability”.

Well, I have to share this conversation we had with Hanalei…(not for the haters, but for those of you that would ever consider taking your child on a world venture of discovery, learning through a passport not only a textbook, creating a family bond and knowledge that develops from time spent together in front of Macchu Picchu, Panama Canal, Temples in Bali, Islands of Fiji, and the beaches of Mexico.

So, here is what happened yesterday that clears it all up….

Hanalei has been learning about the cycles of life in her class, first it was flowers, then frogs, and now a new life cycle has been created by Hanalei.

So yesterday we asked her how she felt about traveling from place to place and if she wanted to continue or if she felt like she should stay in one spot.

and this was her response….

” You know Mom, whenever we get to a place I really like it, I meet friends, have play dates, do cool stuff and when we leave I feel sad, because I will miss all my friends” and we sit there listening ( because we actually do care what she say’s oddly enough;)

Then she throws this out that says it all…

“But then we get to our new place, and it is so cool and new, then I meet new friends and see new things, I get to Skype my old friends and then I fall in love with our new place.

Wait for it……She says….

” It’s the cycle of life for traveling, Mom.

The mind of a Global Citizen at 6!

I think she’s rather secure…what do you think?

GLobal Citizen

GLobal Citizen

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