MTV Cribs Swan edition: Nirvana Biru

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In this webisode the Swans welcome you into their luxury home in Bingin, Bali and introduce you to their way of life. This oracle-shaped house perched on a clifftop overlooking the spectacular waves of the Bukit peninsula, with its infinity pool, circular yoga area, 10+ beds and plunge pool really is the best house in Bali. Nirvana Biru was their home for the majority of their stay in Bali and famous for the Swan Sunday Sessions!

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  • Dana

    Great video . You both are inspirational .

  • Melissa Wright

    Hey Rhonda! Every time I watch this video, I get so pumped up. You guys are really living life. I can’t even imagine how much Hanalei must be getting out of this experience. You are such and inspiration. Thank you for being you!

  • Joel Higginbotham

    Brian and Rhonda,

    Ya’ll are awesome! This will be me in Brazil in about 5 months. I’m excited about the journey with you guys.

  • Vanessa

    Hi Rhonda
    We just came across your site. Very exciting and very co-incidental. We are doing the same thing and very similar places we stay. My husband is a surfer also so all our destinations are usually surf (or family) related. We have been doing this for 2 years and been working on our internet businesses. We are originally based and return to Sydney (Manly in fact: another co-incidence?) each year. We left our corporate jobs 2 years ago to make our lifestyle choices and have and will never look back!

    Just one question: how are you finding the internet speed and connections on the Asian islands ie Bali and Fiji-have you found a trick to providers or access?

    BTW, our favourite spot to spend 2 months every year is Hanalei….a lovely name for your daughter.

    thanks and best of luck to you both-you are absolutely right-everyone has choices, its just taking the leap and believing in yourself!

    kind regards

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