What If?

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How many times do you ask the question….What If? Rhonda asks ‘What if?’ outside The Land of Imagination at Epcot in Orlando, Florida.

What if you could travel the world? What if you could be at home with your family? What if you made a bold decision that freaked out?

Today’s motivational message is: use your imagination and go out after the things you want. Go out and discover your ‘ifs’ and don’t be afraid to go after them!

Epcot 2012

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  • David Lovesit

    Sometimes late at night when everything is quiet do you ever pinch yourself Rhonda? What an amazing inspiration you guys are! It’s amazing how your lives have changed.

    Congrats on silencing the critics, (even the inner one) and leading by example. Your contributions on facebook help keep us going. Thanks for all you do. (a few tips soon on your favorite traffic sources would be appreciated!)

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