Great Feedback from The Unstoppable Family Weekly Team Call!

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We had some great feedback from our last Weekly Team Call! Special Guest Benjamin Rowe joined me on a Mastermind Webinar to discuss 2 critical principles of communication and prospecting…Emotion and Logic. A big thank you to Ben for co-hosting the call with me and sharing the incredible journey he has gone on and how he has applied these principles to his business.

In case you were unable to join in the Weekly Team Call, here is the link to listen again!

We had so many people loving this call. Below you’ll find just a few of the great testimonials and feedback we received…

[quote]Just listened to the recording of the Unstoppable team call with Ben talking about monetizing your investment… and a thought occurred to me.While it’s great to make the association that The Discovery Series works out about $5 per day for the first year, it’s also good to share the experiences that many folks have had completing the 56 Days, and that you can repeat the process – ad infinitum.For me, both the emotional AND the logical connection is strengthened with the knowledge that Discovery (as an example) is a gift that keeps on giving.Thanks to everyone who contributed to a great call! – Estelle Gibbins[/quote] [quote]Bula and thank you Rhonda. The hands on teaching that you and Brian are doing and facilitating are awesome!   – Peter Silverman[/quote] [quote]Great thought provoking call. Thanks Ben & Rhonda. The scenario you used; $1700 investment in Discovery / yourself is about equal to a Starbuck’s latte a day for a year. I will keep that one in my back pocket. 🙂  – Anne & John Noble aka “A Noble Duo”[/quote] [quote]Thank you Swan family we enjoyed the all so important discussion of communication! The best distinction we found as OUR nugget was the difference in the communication as a LEADER. Salud from The Heart of Freedom Family!!! – Adam Stone, Heart of Freedom Family[/quote] [quote] Awesome Call I love it, love the emotional and logic thanks Rhonda, Brian and Ben and it was so wonderful listening to Amber and Rhonda about leadership love it thank you  – Joan Nielsen[/quote]
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