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540x293_20140923_c9c1910021c5d5a8d5c71864abe427e3_jpgWhen the Students become the Teachers…$5,283.50 in commissions over the past week for this “Kiwi” traveling couple.

Let me share the story of this amazing couple, Regina & Mike Van de Velden, whom we’ve had the pleasure to work closely with over this past year….

*********This is directly from Mike’s Facebook post yesterday********

Feeling Freaking Awesome!!!

Being 11th on the Leaderboard of over 40,000 Active Affiliates after only about 9 months of being in this biz full time!

Feeling grateful that we found this system and with how far we have come with our online business since we left our jobs in NZ to travel the world and work online.

Regina and I decided to give up the rat race at the beginning of this year because we knew that there was a better way to live life.

We quit our jobs, sold all the stuff we no longer wanted, rented our houses and left NZ to travel the world.

We would never have thought that this was possible until we got introduced to this amazing family that were actually doing what we wanted to do and still are 6 years later!

We were looking for a way to leave the security of our jobs and travel because we did not want to miss out on what the world offers. Time moves so quickly and before you know it you have missed the boat.

We worked through most of our 20-30s but we both always had that desire to head out into the unknown. It was like a magnetic field pulling us towards the rest of the world.

We were so bored in seeing and doing the same things everyday in our lives but when we travel and see new things, new people, and experience new culture we literally feel alive.

Since leaving New Zealand we have had the privilege of being able to travel to the following places…..

New Orleans
San Francisco
San Diego
Czech Republic
Nepal where we trekked to Mt Everest Base Camp.
Spain (Barcelona & Valencia)
Costa Rica

….and many more places in between with many more to follow.
We really do not know when we will return to New Zealand and nor are we in a rush to do so. Our hearts usually tell us when it is time to leave each place.

We are slow paced travelers and we love to smell the roses since there is no time limits to our travels.

We are normal people who want to help others. It is a scarce thing in this world but if we can make a positive difference in someone else’s life then we have helped to better it.

You just gotta plug into the right system that works for you,
follow the steps & remember your ‘Why’ each day to keep you going.

So glad we took the ‘plunge’ & it all started with a decision to
‘Break free from the Matrix’ ( the 9-5 JOB ) of what people consider as ‘acceptable’ & ‘normal’ (I call it conforming to society)

So, if you are looking to make a change in your life or need help in your current business….and you are serious & ready to take Massive Action – then send us a private message!

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Have an amazing day!!

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