Make 2013 Your Year to Play Every Day! Where to?

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Play All Day and See How Many People Can Fit on a Moto!

Play All Day and See How Many People Can Fit on a Moto!

The Holiday season gets many of us in a rush until that beautiful Christmas day when we get to enjoy the ones we love, good food, gifts and most of all, the playful laughter and joy of the young children in our families.  This got us thinking today about just that, playing.  How often do you get to really play?  Most of the time, are the things that you really want being put off until later and you must wait to play?  As the Unstoppable Family, you know that we love to play and really, playing is a key to our success that we have in our lives.

Remember being a child and playing every single day?  Remember recess?  Riding bikes every day with your friends?  As human beings this is a very natural thing.  We innately want to play, discover, learn, explore, express, create and laugh.  When we watch our children or the children of our family members and friends, the pure and genuine laughter and play is something that brings life to us.  Could that be due to the fact that there is a child in each of us, since we started as children, that misses that kind of playfulness sans attachment to perfection?  Might we too want to just do what we want right now and not put it off for later as some sort of reward?  If you were to tell a child that they could go outside and play next summer, would that sit well with them or even have relevance?

The simple beauty of nature is inspiring!

The simple beauty of nature is inspiring!

This year we want you to make life about play for a few reasons!  It makes the world a better place, you will experience more joy and less stress and you simply deserve to!  As far as making the world a better place, as I mentioned above, we have an innate tendency towards creation, discovering, learning and love.  So what happens when we are adults that we stop doing that and stop making truly living important?  Why do we start putting it off?  When we are in our natural state as children we don’t do this, so it must be a learned behavior.  When we put off part of who we are we often put off all of who we are and end up in a routine called later!  Play now!  Learn now!  Laugh now!  The world will be a better place when we are all enjoying ourselves and remaining in a place of creation.  I know of no better way to call forth the child within than to take a trip, discover something new, don’t make plans for each and every thing you will do and just choose in the moment like a child.  What might you then create that will contribute to the betterment of life for others, what we call your legacy?

As far as you experiencing more joy and less stress, that is obvious.  We are still people inside and we tend to treat ourselves like objects in this world.  We don’t acknowledge that desire to enjoy life and we even go as far as criticizing ourselves and calling ourselves lazy when we want to play before work or play as much as we work.  When play is a part of our everyday life we acknowledge that human essence and when we honor that, creation and inspiration are inevitable and from there we can allow life to emerge into something enjoyable!  What might you be good at that could be profitable that you never thought could be?  How can your work become play?  Making fun time and human time a priority is important. That part that wants to enjoy is natural, the structure that we live in as adults is something we manufactured, God/The Universe did not put it here

Kids just being kids playing in the streets of the Philippines

Kids just being kids playing in the streets of the Philippines

but God/The Universe did put us here as happy and expressive beings!  You get the picture now?  The more we deny ourselves what is natural, the less successful we will be and the less likely we will ever have time to play in life again, if we even remember how to by the time we get there!  After living in the corporate world for so long one of the hardest things was remembering how to play again, but we figured it out pretty quickly and so can you!

You deserve to!  This world is beautiful.  Why  not take a trip to South East Asia this year for a month or two and see what other cultures have to offer?  Why not experience a totally different part of the world and see how other people live that might make more sense to you than how you live right now?  Find ways to live more for less money!  Learn another language!  Learn how to surf, scuba dive or rock climb!  Play in the warm ocean and run in the sand!  Stay at a hostel and meet people of all ages from all over the world and see how many people travel!  Discovery and exploration is natural for us as well as movement!  I know that in our 8 Days of Christmas Giveaway you are seeing our message about traveling the world and creating the life of your dreams today and that is because we believe in nothing more!  It will not happen if we do not make it happen and you can have it now and

See the city lights of Singapore light up the night from the "Top of the World" at the Sands Marina Bay Sky Park!

See the city lights of Singapore light up the night from the “Top of the World” at the Sands Marina Bay Sky Park!

deserve to.  Your family deserves to.  You can be the example and we will be here to help you along the way, whatever that looks like!  Go ahead, get on Kayak and and start looking today!

May your Christmas be bright and you Holidays be filled with joy, but more importantly, may EVERY DAY of 2013 be filled with PLAY!  It is natural and it is the new way of life!  Find your balance and become a Freedom-preneur with us, putting Freedom, Fun and Family FIRST!

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