The Butterfly Effect: My Father’s Passing of AIDS 21 Years Ago

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The Butterfly Effect is what came to mind as I reflected on my Father’s passing, Thomas Clidd Swan, who died 21 years ago on May 16th  from AIDS. In this video I reflect on how it affected me and the people I came into contact with.

My father knew there was an expiration date on his life, but the one thing he knew was that he wanted to live life to the fullest. His whole perspective on life changed and he wanted to go and show his kids the world and how other people live. He took us to Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, North America…all over the world. We got to live four years with him until his passing when I was 16.

In my second year of university I wanted to travel abroad, and from there I got to experience the beach lifestyle of surfing.  I went back, got my degree, and then decided I wanted to go to California to surf some more. I met my wife Rhonda, and we lived 11 years in San Diego. Since we have an Internet-based business, we got the itch to go traveling and explore the world. It’s now 3 and a half years later, and we’ve been traveling all around the world with our 5 year old daughter Hanalei.

We’ve had lots of great feedback and testimonials from people we have inspired to go do it, so my father’s decision to live life has rubbed of on me, my wife and my little girl, and now it’s rubbing off on people all over the world!

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  • Sungjin Bae

    Dear Brian & Rhonda

    I am a 28 yo Korean guy who’s living in NewZealand (next to Austrailia), in the 2nd year in health degree. This is my 2nd degree and I haven’t travelled much but I really want to. I have always had a ‘travel bug’ in me and wanted to travel around the world, but I was always told from my parents whom are traditional Korean, that I should first secure a professional job before I do any of these. But It seems like as I age more, I am losing my opportunity to travel.

    This video about your father, how he spent his time with family traveling around the world before he passed away from AIDS was great. that he spread a ‘butterfly effect’ that created others to pursue their passion was a beautiful message.

    After watching your videos, It made me think whether ‘ I’d be content in 10 years in future, living a tailored life that promises me a secure job and life or would I be more happy to quit my degree and do the things that I’d love to do – travel, mountaineering, surfing..’

    Kind Regards

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