How to Make Business Calls When Working Remotely

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People regularly ask me how I make my business calls when I’m traveling the world. Running a portable business and especially working whilst traveling, means your office is constantly changing. You’re always in a new place trying to find the perfect spot to get into your business mindset and sometimes finding an internet connection or a spot close to the power point can be problematic! However the reward is that you get to design your business around your lifestyle.

The truth is, to run a mobile business, all you really need is a computer and an internet connection. Most business can be done just as efficiently, if not more efficiently, based out of the office. More and more people are choosing to become mobile and outsource to cut down costs, whilst enjoying a better lifestyle at the same time. As businesses become more familiar and comfortable with Skype, they are just as happy with having a conference call over the internet as a meeting in an office.

In the latest video, you’ll see I’m usually in my bathing suit walking around the house with my laptop in my hand.  If you’re setting up a mobile business, you’re bound to have your own style and you’ll soon find what gets you into that ‘business zone’. For the Unstoppable Family, being able to sit in a relaxing environment looking out over incredible surf gets our thoughts flowing and our minds active.

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