No Comprendo – What to Do When You Don’t Speak the Language

  One of the most common travel struggles is the language barrier between countries. Use this mini-guide to navigate the waters, and watch your horizons broaden. Before You Go: 1. Do your [...]

[E-Book] Secrets To Living As A Freedom-Preneur

  Our Special Gift To You “The Secrets To Living As A Freedom-Preneur ”   E-Book   Our Mission is to inspire and create more and more FREEDOM-Preneurs in this world. If we [...]


[Vagabond/Freedom-Preneur] “Success Story From A 911 Flight Attendant”

9-11 flight attendant & her husband move to Thailand this past week, to start the Vagabond/ Freedom-Preneur Lifestyle How do you say this is possible…. … Kimberley Vento called in [...]


Casa Giuliana, Tenerife Spain

What a treat we had this Sunday to visit Casa Giuliana with our local Italians friends parents. Hanalei has horse riding lessons each Sunday with her friend Lorenzo, and we always go into the [...]


Shift Happens And How You Handle It Can Be An Opening or a Closing of Doors

Hey from Lake Tahoe! Brian and I have beenin the direct sales industry for over 8 years now and we’ve been traveling around the world because our business have all been very mobile.  [...]


Make 2013 Your Year to Play Every Day! Where to?

The Holiday season gets many of us in a rush until that beautiful Christmas day when we get to enjoy the ones we love, good food, gifts and most of all, the playful laughter and joy of the young [...]