Anatomy Of An Entrepreneur

In the last 5 years, and even more today than ever in history there has been this conversation of what “Creating a New Economy” meant and what it really looks like to be an [...]


Creating A New Economy & Loving Monday’s

I LOVE MONDAY’s I used to hate them, not anymore. It’s morning here Tenerife, Spain, Brian Swan and I are sitting on the terrace, Brian is facing the mountains, sitting in his board [...]


8 Ways to Kick Can’t Out Of Your Life & Get You Unstuck

I have been asked time and time again: ” How Do I Start Living My Dream Life,  If I Am Not Good At Selling or Communicating or Marketing”?  And my response is not always what they [...]


Do You Qualify As a “Thought Leader?”

(we shot this video while in the plane to Germany)   This morning we were having breakfast in Hamburg with our German friends that we met 5 years ago in Hawaii when we started this journey [...]


Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too? “Our Secret To Living The 4 Hour Work Week”

We hear so many people talking about wanting more freedom, but we also hear others talking about wanting to be an entrepreneur. What if you could have BOTH? I know it sounds crazy, but what we’ve [...]


They Spelled Her Name Wrong In Front Of 6,000 People!

Have you ever walked out on a stage in front 6,000 people and your name is misspelled? Well, it happened yesterday to my wife, Rhonda Swan….   And here’s a Facebook pic we shared [...]


Day 14 &15 of 20 “Unstoppable Road Tripping” [ 5 Tips To Managing Your Business & Having The Time To Enjoy Life]

  Day 14 & 15 of 20 “Unstoppable Road Tripping” Proving anyone can Work From NO Home!!! Did you know that we have worked online for the past 8.5 yrs? It’s crazy to [...]


Day 11 & 12 of Unstoppable Road Tripping [Choices, Cows, and Getting Lost]

Day 12 Get Lost and Take Some Time For Yourself!   Always Enjoy the Ride     We hope you have been enjoying our 20 days of Unstoppable Road Tripping! Please leave a comment below [...]


Day 9 & 10 of “Unstoppable Road Tripping [Can Gratitude & Nature Make You Money?]

During the last 10 days we have been sharing from the road our “top 10 secrets” for having success online, building a loyal following and having the FREEDOM to “Work From NO [...]


Day 5 of 20 “Unstoppable Road Tripping” [Family,Fun,Fishing & Worm’s]

Rhonda’s Day 5 of “Unstoppable Road Tripping”   I discuss how to create balance in your day while “Working From NO Home”. Having the FREEDOM to work from home [...]