Celebrating 30 months on the road in Cusco, Peru

On Wednesday 25th May we celebrated 30 months of being on the road! All those months ago we began our Unstoppable Journey in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. We started off thinking that we would only travel [...]


Macbooks and Passports Stolen in Peru…Tragedy or Not?

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBFEXJ24ftM&feature=channel_video_title Our 2 Macbook computers and our 3 passports were all stolen when a taxi drove off with them on our 2nd day in Cusco, [...]


Hanalei’s First Day of School in Cusco, Peru

We are now in Cusco, Peru, staying at Cusco Suites! Here’s a video of us leaving our accommodation, which was built in 1751, to take Hanalei for her first day of school at Ausangate [...]

Our 3-Legged Table Philosophy

As many of you know, we are committed to keeping our minds, bodies and business strong (or fuerte, as they would say in Spanish). We call it the 3-legged table, where each leg represents a vital [...]


Happy Mother’s Day from Panama!

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and I did some power shopping with Hanalei in Panama City! I had a great start to the day having coffee with my husband Brian overlooking the skyline of Panama [...]


Bastimentos Canopy Tour

This is a video of Hanalei’s 1st Canopy Tour and solo zipline ride at Red Frog Beach in Bastimentos, Panama. Hanalei rocked the zipline and she is the youngest to date! We jammed everything [...]