Happy 3rd Birthday Hanalei

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Hanalei celebrated her 3 year birthday Fiji style. In fact she had 4 celebrations for this big day. [Does that mean we will have to have 5 for her 4th?] 1st . She had a “Rainbow Birthday” [she had been asking for a rainbow birthday for the last few months, so it was vital we delivered.] at her pre-school they painted rainbows and had a pizza party in lew of HL’s birthday. Cole Academy

2nd..Hanalei partied with all her Aussie mates at the Sofitel in Fiji before they all left to go home.
Check out the video below with the Fijian’s singing Happy birthday and her best buddy’s Avalon and Levi, Jasmine and Cooper were all there to have some cake!

3rd Birthday Hanalei celebrated April 17th in Fiji. The family took a “Ney Ride” on the beach at sunset. Hanalei had to ride a white Ney and Daddy the black one…hmmm I wonder where she gets the sassyness from? For dinner the wonderful staff made her a “Rainbow Birthday Cake” and sang once again.

4th Birthday Celebration was on her official Brithdate in the USA. Hanalei had more cake for lunch and told everyone it was her “rainbow birthday” once again.

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