We’re Back in Bali

We’re back! I’m so excited that we have had the chance to travel all over the U.S. over the last few weeks, but it’s so good to be home here in Bali. This is a quick recap of where we’ve been for [...]


Two Families Team Up To Teach Others How to Work Online and Travel

Magic is happening with our family and another amazing traveling family The Sundance Family. Both our families have been traveling the world for over 8 years with our kids and working online. The [...]


Unstoppable Family Adventures- Taking the Train From Belgium to Amsterdam

Last time I updated the blog, we were in Paris making Hanalei’s dreams come true. We had such an amazing time there with her and our friend Joanie Dhillion. It was a crazy couple of days as [...]


6 year anniversary of traveling the World as the Unstoppable Family….

6 year anniversary of traveling the World as a Family….is it Possible? It started off as a way to re-group from the chaos we had just gone through in real estate investing. [...]


Make 2013 Your Year to Play Every Day! Where to?

The Holiday season gets many of us in a rush until that beautiful Christmas day when we get to enjoy the ones we love, good food, gifts and most of all, the playful laughter and joy of the young [...]