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We’re back! I’m so excited that we have had the chance to travel all over the U.S. over the last few weeks, but it’s so good to be home here in Bali.

This is a quick recap of where we’ve been for the past 7 weeks.


We were in Michigan for 3 weeks, Chicago for 2 days to Vegas for 3.5 weeks.

We visited family, Phish shows, Unstoppable Mastermind, photo shoots, film days, canyon hikes, Vegas strip, limos, Gordon Ramsay and cirque De Sole all rolled into one amazing close to the summer.

It’s been busy and fun. Even after traveling for nearly 9 years it always feels good to be back to a spot where I call home.

Great memories were made, but now it’s time to focus on closing this year out strong! Big stuff happening.

Here’s a look at what we’ve all been doing this week-

Hanalei is Back to School

We got back in Bali the day before Hanalei was due to start school. In fact, we told the school she wasn’t going to make it the first day, because of how late we would get in. My girl is dedicated though because she hopped out of bed despite the jet lag and went to school anyways.

Hanalei and I did a Facebook Live where she gave her wisdom of the day about how to handle being in new situations. She’s shared some insights that we should all take to heart.

Brian is Back to Surfing

Brian got out on the surf a few days this week. Oh boy was he struggling to get the motivation up to do it yesterday. But he did exactly what we teach in our Sexy Brand Building Course, and that is to just take action. Don’t let life overwhelm you, just get up and do something.

He’s happy to be back and able to push himself physically again. I think he got right back into the routine of things and is headed to Ulus today.

Rhonda is Back to Sexy Brand Building

Ok…so I didn’t completely stop sexy brand building while I was away, but I’m back to the day to day swing of thingsnow. Just last night, I met with my DIY Sexy Brand Building group.


These guys are working on their lead magnets now. Exciting things are definitely happening with the group. All of them should be ready to launch their courses and products in September. This is the perfect time to have product launches.

That’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks. What about you? Let me know what you’ve been doing in the comments.

Before you go, if you want to learn more about what our brand building groups are doing, check out my Sexy Brand Building Packages.

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