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“For the last few years, I have been traveling around the world with my family and living out my passions. Most doubted my decisions and it scared me…”

Living my life on purpose is something I always dreamed about. The truth is, fear hid that away from me for a long time. My ego and pride are not too big to admit that I was consumed with paying my bills versus trying to live the way my inner soul was telling me to.

There was always a feeling deep inside that I knew I could be great, yet I would just push the feeling aside, thinking to myself, ‘Who are you to be great?’ I had the fear of trying what I really wanted to do and falling flat on my face.

Then I would have my friends, family, and peers judging me. The last thing I ever wanted to do was look stupid and let my family down. I didn’t want to be a disappointment to them and for others to think less of me.

The more I thought about it, it became clear that I was living in complete fear. I might have looked strong on the outside, though on the inside every decision I made was influenced by my fears of failure or judgment.

I remember how I came across the information that would change my life for the better… I’ll say now that I wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t asked for help. Sometimes we need to push our ego aside and let ourselves be vulnerable in order to change and grow.

One the most influential people in my own life and that of my family’s has been Wayne Dyer.

Something I have understood from a young age is to go to experts in an area of which you lack. I wasn’t living true to my purpose. At that time I had very little knowledge of how or what my purpose even was. I knew Wayne had helped many and I was positive he could help me… He certainly didn’t disappoint.

If you’re unfamiliar with who Wayne is, I have included this powerful video of him. He has an amazing story to tell…

There are countless courses online about marketing ‘this’, and business ‘that’, which is great! However, the core fundamentals for a person living on purpose are hugely, if not more important.

Wayne has helped many greats of our generation… Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, the list goes on. And I can speak from experience that his work is life changing, to say the least.

Wayne has created a Manifest Your Soul’ course, which I invite you to go through and apply to your life. I highly recommend Wayne’s work to all my family and friends and even have my 8-year-old daughter listening to his audios.

Enroll into Wayne Dyer’s Course for 50% Off

“Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose” online workshop

This course is an opportunity to free yourself, now and forever, from the chains surrounding limited, often self-sabotaging thinking and:

  • Let go of your ego-dominated, controlling persona
  • Free yourself from pervasive, ego-driven thoughts
  • Cleanse your perception of your being
  • Come to feel, know and rely on the divinely-connected self

Take this incredible opportunity to free yourself, now and forever, from the domination of your personality, with its self-inflated and often self-sabotaging mind and intellect.

This Exclusive Online Video Course Includes:

  • 6 in-depth and enlightening lessons on forgiveness, divine love, and living your life with purpose
  • An hour of engaging video lessons each week
  • Four Powerful Meditations for God Realization
  • Insightful stories and wisdom for living a spiritually guided life

I hope you find his information as eye opening as I did…


Many Blessings from Bali, Indonesia…

Brian, Rhonda & Hanalei Swan
aka the “Unstoppable Family


P.S.  Access Wayne Dyer’s online Workshop for 50% off:  “Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose”

P.S.S. If you enjoyed this post on Wayne Dyer, I invite you to listen into a
2007 phone conversation…Rhonda had with both Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra

Deepak Wayne and Unstoppable Family

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  • Elizabeth Olagunju

    Great post. Awesome message from Dr. Dyer, thank you Rhonda for sharing.
    The soul purpose of living is to be Christ-like and the path to that goal is to get rid of EGO. What a message to the world!
    Truly Dr. Dyer achieved his goal, he got the world thinking about spirituality, if you don’t want to mention God, you can just say the Source and people don’t feel intimidated. He was a pioneer that makes thinking and talking spirituality to be acceptable.
    The SHIFT has happened.

    • Brian Swan

      Thank you much, @elizabetholagunju:disqus. I agree that Wayne “was a pioneer that makes thinking and talking spirituality to be acceptable.” Between Wayne and Deepak…they really opened my eyes 10+ years ago… Happy 2016 🙂

  • Regina Van de Velden

    i love that conversation with wayne and deepak. i remember a moment you specifically recommended we listen to it and at the time i couldn’t understand why until i listened to it again. it’s very powerful.

    • Brian Swan

      It is a powerful conversation with Wayne & Deepak….I didn’t actually grasp their message and lesson for us until many months afterwards. Happy 2016 to you 🙂

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