Unstoppable Giving


Unstoppable Giving in Peru

Sacred Valley Disaster Relief

We will be donating to the Sacred Valley Disaster Relief Fund in Machu Picchu over the next 6 months of our Journey since we will be in Peru April 2011. The people in Cusco are experiencing flooding, landslides, and water-borne diseases, so this Global Giving fund will provide money for medical needs.

Unstoppable Giving in Panama

We donated to Bocas BESO and sponsored the Bastimentos Boat Races whilst in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Unstoppable Giving in Fiji

We have become so close to the boys here in Fiji and wanted to do something special for them.  The Settlement KoroLevu is close to  The Hideaway Resort, where we have been staying at the many of the boys that work at the resort also live in the Settlement.   The settlement is for families that have come over to the main Island from other islands to work and find a better living for their families. They started a Rugby team in the 80’s to give the boys a way to put their heart into something and to have pride for the Settlement that they are from. They had been raising money for new uniforms for years and had not come close to buying themselves full sets. So we decided to sponsor them. I have never seen more gratitude from a group of people in my life. They had several dinners with us and KAVA ceremonies to show their gratitude. We are so proud to be sponsors of the UNSTOPPABLE ISLANDERS!

Unstoppable Islanders

Unstoppable Giving in Bali

Bali Family

We spent over 4 months in Bali on the Bukit Penninsula on the cliffs at Nirvana Biru.  We became very close with many local people and families….But one particular group  became very close to our family so we wanted to do something special for them and their children.   Ilu was the most amazing woman and we fell in love with her family and children, Brian had a small laptop that he left for her 16 yr old daughter that had never had a computer.  She was so excited and Ilu said they couldn’t get her off of it once we gave it to her.  Our staff at Nirvana Biru was also near and dear to us.  Tiara was a 5 yr old little girl of Wyan, the home’s gardener.  Tiara and Hanalei spent hours together each day and neither of them spoke each others language…..it was beautiful, and Tiara was left with most all of Hanalei’s toys to use and to bring home to her family.

Unstoppable Giving in Panama (Give and Surf)


We provide substantive, hands-on, real world assistance and programs to the indigenous Ngobe people of this island archipelago. Give & Surf has developed the following programs for the communities of Bocas del Toro: a daily preschool, summer school, after school program, English program, baseball team, music program and many community development and construction projects. We offer enriching volunteer and internship opportunities to give back to others and give back to yourself in the remote islands of Bocas del Toro. Please follow us on FACEBOOK to stay up to date on our programs. We look forward to big smiles and touching the hearts of others with you. Please contact the crew with any questions you may have. – See more at:


Unstoppable Giving: Challenge

Unstoppable Giving Challenge

Mexico will be out home for 2 months, from Sept-November of 2010. We will donate to this fund for the entire time of our stay.