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Rethinking How We Give With Kiva Loans

Bali Family6 years ago when our UNSTOPPABLE FAMILY started traveling we MADE A DECISION to put giving as the fore-front of our life and our business and to contribute to the countries and people that have made our life so fulfilled when visiting.

We were introduced to Kiva after reading a post written by Tim Ferriss. ( one of our inspirations for starting our travels 6 years ago) Tim is

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

What inspired us the most about KIVA-is they leverage the internet and a worldwide network of micro-finance institutions, allowing individuals like us, lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

The difference in KIVA over all other charities is they do not take donations, they are a community that provides loans to hard working citizens and entrepreneurs from under developed countries that are working for a better life to provide to their families and their community.

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What inspired us from the start was the idea of supporting entrepreneurs from around the world with just a click from our computer we can search for people that need help with building their business inside countries we are visiting.  The repayment on KIVA loans are 98.79%!

Below is Santa Isabel’s Story that you are given when you decide to make a loan using KIVA.

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That is inspiring to know that we can contribute to a fellow entrepreneur that is working to better their families and to build the economy in their home country.   Our daughter Hanalei can sit with me on my computer and search for countries that we have visited.

We read the stories of the families and talk about the annual income in that country so that she understands the value of why we are giving, but she also learns the value of working for what you get because these are loans that people pay back whether it takes 6 months, or 2 years.

This is a video that we shot today while choosing a KIVA loan to donate too.

This is one of the most rewarding ways to Live and to Give in our eyes, because it not only teaches my child the value of giving, but it also lends a hand up for those willing to help themselves…and that is what entrepreneurs do.

More About KIVA

How you can get involved

Learn more about our Giving Projects here:

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I hope you received value from this post and are inspired to start a giving project of your own.

4Being a Freedom-Preneur has given us so many opportunities to travel, and to give back to those around us.

Want to become a Freeom-Preneur?

Learn how we can travel the world, replace our 6 figure incomes and still give back to the world around us.  You will be re-directed to our information site by clicking here.


Cheers from the Caribbean of Panama…

Rhonda & Brian Swan

P.S.  Wondering how we have travelled the world for the last 6 years without a JOB living like a Freedom-Preneur?

P.S.S  This site will explain how we do it..

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  • Renae Dodson

    This is awesome! I’ve funded great people of Kiva for years. It’s so satisfying uplifting people in less than ideal circumstances, to help them become successful and strong 🙂 Great job Unstoppable Family!

    • Unstoppable Family

      Renae, what a great way to give! I just love what Kiva stands for, and its a great way to teach Hanalei how to give back.

  • Rebeccah Walker

    What an incredible thing to do. I had NOT heard about Kiva before, so thank you for sharing this information. I can’t wait to share my good fortune with others so that they, too, can pay it forward and let the good vibes flow around the planet. You are fabulous ambassadors, Brian, Rhonda, and Hanalei. It is such an honor to call you friends!

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