What Does Puffy Jackets & Boots Have To Do With FREEDOM? [Unstoppable Freedom-Preneur Video Series ]

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This video Series is about FREEDOM and being a FREEDOM-Preneur and taking your
life and how you make money into your own hands.

In this day and age people are looking for answers,
and ways to take their life into their own hands.

The old way of thinking, ” go to school”, “Get a good job”
“Get insurance and retire at 60” is no longer a reality.
The government doesn’t care if you have enough left in your
pension to retire or if you have medical insurance!

sad but true…It’s time to start thinking people.


How To Create Your Perfect Day Video Series

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Create Your Perfect Day









Day 2 Interview with 2 24 year old Entrepreneurs

Interview with my “baby” brother on why he left his JOB and started his own company.
“The government was taking over 70-80% of their job profit margin, so they decided to

do it on their own”.

They are now free to choose the people they want to do work with and offer their services



Day 3 How To Create Your Own Economy

There are many ways to start thinking “out of the box” and into your

own new world economy.    Let’s evaluate your options.

1.  Start a Franchise

2. Open a Brick and Mortor

3. Create a Product and sell online

4.  Become and Affiliate



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