Timothy Ferriss 4 Hour Work Week…is it a SCAM or can it be your reality?

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Tim Ferriss

4 Hour Work Week

Many people always ask what inspired us to take this trip around the world, and to make our dream a reality.  The answer is, Tim ferris and his book “The 4 Hour Work Week”.   A few years ago, I was doing some research, and noticed his book getting a lot of press. Many had good things to say about the book at its content but others more enjoyment claiming it to be a SCAM and a self- righteous way for Tim to make a living.

The more I read their comments the more I realized many of them had not even taken the time to read the book in its entirety.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but my family has successfully lived all around the world for last 4+ years, now we are not working 4 hours a week, but we do work a solid, focused 20-30 hours a week and still have the luxuries of enjoying our surroundings.

We have lived in beautiful places all around the world, and all we require is a solid internet connection and SKYPE and the world is our playground.   Tim teaches in his book to outsource be more automated, and to reduce time wasting. That is exactly what we have done, and are now reaping the benefits of not being a slave to our business, but creating a life, not a living.

What I love most about Tim Ferris is that he is his own person!  He acts crazy just like us and marches to the beat of his own drum. His book includes many useful tips and website that he actually USED himself.    I can personally say, If People actually use and applied what Tim teaches in his book…. WOW!! The results that you can see and experience are priceless.

I can promise out of the 100% that actually read the book only 1% actually put the information into action. So Next time you hear or see someone yelling scam about a person or a book that is shaking things up….Just laugh and go read the information they are talking about…chances are it has something good inside that no-one wants you to know~!!

Tim recommends you find a “Muse” and a way for you to start creating income while you are playing or traveling.  One thing we found is that most people have no clue of where to start, so they never really take the leap and act on the 4 Hour Work Week movement and call Tim and the 4 Hour Work Week a SCAM.

Take Care and be UNSTOPPABLE!

Unstoppable Family

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  • Jen borbet

    WOW! This site is awesome! Congrats on all your success! You guys are a wonderful, unstoppable family! 🙂
    With love,

    • admin

      Hey Jen,

      We miss you guys!!! Our UNSTOPPABLE Journey has been amazing, and it is still going! We would love to have you guys come visit us somewhere?

      XOXO say hi to “Reg”

  • Francis A

    Always good info!! I’ve been missing out doing some travel of my own! I love how you seem to juggle the traveling life well and still keep discipline in working!! You have too much fun for it to be called work! Thanks for sharing your insight and travels! Such a great site!!

  • admin

    Hey Francis… AKA @HipCop,

    Thank you so much. We have really dialed in our DMO (Daily Method of Operation) and we stick to it!! Work, family and fun balance is required to life a fullfilled life!

    Thank you for your UNSTOPPABLE Support.

  • Tyler Jorgenson

    You guys are an inspiration. I read the 4HWW and LOVED it. Right away I began applying the principles of Elimination and Automation and it has made all the difference in the world. I hope to bump into you guys sometime in our travels.



    • admin


      Thank you for the props!! It costs you more out of life to not live!!

  • Niki

    Hi, greetings from Indonesia 🙂
    I just found happened to find ur wonderful website from some other blog.
    and my utmost passion has always been in two things:
    1. Music. though still starting back again, and thus still haven’t able to make it full time yet (my dream), but I’m currently involved in several musical projects & activities, also on composing/writing original songs (as you can check in my link, when u have some time :))
    2. travelling around the world, and connecting with beautiful, wonderful people accross the globe.

    so I already *know* clearly of what I want
    the problem are 2 things, as usual:
    1. Money. if you’d be kind to share ur story a bit,..’how’ did you *initially* tackle this ‘soul-sucking’ money (for surviving) issue?
    in other words, how did you able to find some jobs (perhaps temporary ones) that will NOT suck our soul (ie: 9-to-5 dayjobs, like i’m doing currently),..while also can STILL do those 2 things above, ie: in my case, Music & travelling, meeting new people!
    2. Parents’ expectations and pressure.
    Especially being a 28-yrs old Chinese (Asian), with too-often strict, traditional parents’ hopes & expectations in their eldest son (yes I’m the eldest, and ‘expected’ to continue the family business, get married soon, etc).
    ‘how’ or ‘what’ should I do to really stand up for my Life (& career) decisions, and confront them in an assertive, but also in a nice, loving way, without hurting their feelings or making them totally dissapointed in my seemingly ‘weird’ non-mainstream Life decisions (similar like yours) ??

    It would be such an honor & really appreciate it,
    if you can comment back on this, OR email directly to me (nikiwonoto@gmail.com)

    I am dead serious want to start living like you, and don’t want to waste more life to get ‘stuck’ in a soul-sucking “normal” Life, as I’m a dreamer/creative type person also.
    Thanks a lot!

    • admin

      Hi Niki,
      Thank you for your comment…we truly love those that follow and ask for advice.
      For us to get through the really tough times, when we actaully lost all our wealth, we started selling thing and possessions and used that to get our business back up and running. We already had a successful business that would could use to jumpback up, so we went to town marketing our business with very little capital, but allot of desire.
      I hope that helps give you the determination to go for what you want!


  • Sofis

    LOVE your site. SO insperatinal. I want to do it too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Going to go look for Tims book.

    Thank you.


    • Brian & Rhonda Swan


      It is actually easier than you think ! Someone showed us the way , and now we t show others how to do it too. Tim’s book really helped us make our travels easier.

      Feel free to take a look at our site http://unstoppablefamily.info If you like we can call you and have a coaching session about your next move.

      Brian & Rhonda Swan

  • Yan Susanto

    Hey Brian & Rhonda

    I was watching your video “How I Really LEFT MY CORPORATE JOB” and followed the link to your site. I kinda like what you guys are doing… Living the life of a true internet marketer….

    This is the sort of lifestyle many desire but little has the determination to fight for it… Kudos to you guys..

    Anyway, I wouldn’t say that I’m inspired by Tim’s as I have outsourced a BIG part of what I do online before I read the book but 4WW sort of reaffirm that what I do (or rather what we do) is right…..


    PS: I’m yet to travel around the world in 18 months straight but we may cross path one of these days…… 😉

  • Reply

    This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.
    ..HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had
    to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

    • Rhonda

      Why thank you!! If we are not having fun…we don’t usually do it!

      Thank you for the great comment

  • Staci

    The 4-Hour Workweek changed my life too! After reading the book, my fiance and I decided to start living the travel lifestyle too. As I write this, I’m enjoying the beaches of Spain. Keep traveling and loving life!


    • Rhonda

      Spain!! We are moving to Spain in August…San Sebastian, where are you? So awesome.

  • Ben Shurts

    I’ve read his book! Three times! And it rocks! Go TImmy!

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