Why Blogging is Better Than Social Media?

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social mediaDo you blog or Just Use Social Media? 

You should…its become so easy to share your passions and your experiences with the world around you using keywords that people search for on the internet.

Reason’s why blogging is better than social media.

Let’s say that you follow me on Twitter and connect with me on Facebook, and you remember that a while back, I shared a link to which podcasting equipment I recommend people buy—and you want to start a podcast for your readers.


Go ahead try searching for what I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago about traveling the world with my family.

You can’t.

Or try searching for a tweet I posted about our new e-book “Secrets To Living As A Freedom-Preneur”…??

You can’t…or its virtually impossible to quickly find.

But with a blog, it is simple to search for a post that I wrote about Tim Ferris Scam and when our Unstoppable family met Tim Ferris for the first time. by searching on google “Timothy Ferris Scam” .  ( see below)

I call it “Online Relestate”  the more you blog, the more real estate you own online….and the cool part is NO ONE can take it from you!

“Timothy Ferris SCAM”  we are #2 on google and we own that online real estate.

  Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.57.41 AM

We all have something to share. A passion, a breakthrough a lesson.

Our family, Unstoppable Family started our blog when we left on our journey 5 years ago, to stay connected to our family, and update them on where we were in the world because Facebook was not around.

Since we have left, blogging has become our #1 way for sharing our ventures and experiences to the world around us and how we are able to travel the world, educate people on how to run a virtual business and a traveling lifestyle.

I also love to journal, put my thoughts onto paper and shoot video so I can share them with my daughter when she grows up, so blogging has become the best way for me to do that.

This is why we are so passionate about using a blog to share your passions, knowledge, business or anything that matters in your life to the world around you.   The internet has made this world a much smaller place and has allowed us to connect with people and learn from them by just a simple click…

How to keep your fire burning with things to talk about in you blog?  

Try these simple steps.

  • Be honest. Too many people take long lapses in their blog, only to feel guilty about it. Like any relationship, communication is critical. If you are experiencing doubts about the value of your blog, post some entries exploring this. In other words: work through it. But also: give your audience a chance to speak up and yell, “Hi! We are here and like you! This is why we would love for you to keep blogging.”
  • Bring in other voices. Sometimes it can be lonely to be the sole keeper of a blog. Find ways to involve others. Interview people who inspire you, collaborate on guest posts, or even post blog entries elsewhere. I found that when I approach writing a blog for someone such as Jane, or even a post for Huffington Post Books, I approach it wildly differently than on my own blog. It gets the juices flowing in a different way.
  • Mindmap it out. Consider what you blog about and how the dozens or hundreds of disparate posts work together. Find new threads for topics you want to write about.
  • Create an editorial calendar. Sometimes a little bit of structure can remove the anxiety of blogging. Consider how often you want to post, create different types of content, and begin filling out topic ideas weeks or months in advance.
  • Identify core messages versus secondary messages. Oftentimes, a blogger may stray from writing about that which matters most to them. Consider the key evergreen messages you want to hit again and again, and how you can explore them in new ways.
  • Repackage ideas into series. Instead of creating many one-off blog posts, create a series of five or ten posts that work together.
  • Try different types of media. Instead of writing a post, create a video and embed it. Or tell a story with photos. Find other ways to express the same ideas.
  • You do not need to post every day. I tend to feel that once per week is a nice posting frequency. That said, there are plenty of bloggers who post less frequently, but whose blog posts really stand out. Author Tim Ferriss tends to only blog when he feels he has something compelling to share. If you look at his archives, you find very little consistency in terms of frequency, but every post gets tons of comments.
  • Create templates for posts that you can fill in. Or brainstorm a laundry list of post ideas and headlines in one caffeine-fueled session per month.
  • Focus on unique value—often it is closer than you think. Instead of creating a master post on “5 ways authors can use Pinterest for explosive audience growth,” share a story from your life. Be honest with readers instead of trying to impress them. Oftentimes this is when people become closer to you and really begin engaging. Again and again, I find that posts I wrote quickly in a fit of passion get shared much more than posts that were more strategic.
  • Use the value of people’s attention elsewhere to fuel your blog. For example, if you are attending an event, you can do a series of posts before, during, and after that other attendees may appreciate.

Now do you see why blogging is so powerful? …sharing is #UNSTOPPABLE!

and everyone deserves to#BEUNSTOPPABLE to the world around them.

( if you want a simple solution to blogging..just ask, I can help)

See the viral blog we use here:

IMG_1986Rhonda Swan

World Traveler, Mom, Blogger of Possibility



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  • Frithjof

    Great post about blogging – thanks!
    BUT Blogging IS Social Media! The simple fact that I can have a conversation here with you is Social Media

    • Unstoppable Family

      Yes it is. Although by reading the post I break out why blogging is more effective than Facebook and Twitter for the long term.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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