Today marks 1 month in Fiji….Happy Mother’s Day

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It has been a month today that we have been in Fiji….has it really been that long?  After 1 month in Fiji, we have adjusted to ‘Fiji Time’ quite nicely.  In fact, we really do not know when we will be departing…or if we will be going East or West from here?  We are open to any suggestions that you might have….really!  As I type this, I am sitting pool/beachside at the watching happy Aussies filtering in for a wedding they will be having on the property tomorrow.  In 1 hour, we will be joining the local Fijians for their church service in their village for a beautiful Mother’s Day Service.  This month marks 12 years that Rhonda & I have been together since we met surfing in San Diego @ 6:30am  in the waters of Mission Beach at Jamaica Court.  As Rhonda & I joke…..12 loooonnnngggg years it has been…and still loving it.  Well, I have to get going to breaky and church.   I am going to leave you with a quick clip of the surf right out in front of our place…not bad!!!!

Bula from Fiji!!!!


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