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Memorial Day in Tahoe

Memorial Day in Tahoe

Our family had an incredible weekend hanging

here in South Lake Tahoe with some new friends

listening to live music.   They had 2 adorable little boys

and Hanalei absolutely loved running around the beach,

chasing geese, and making sand castles together.


With our travels we have the opportunity to meet

some of the nicest people, and Hanalei really enjoys

meeting new friends that she would never have the

opportunity to meet if we were not traveling like

we do.


So, I had a moment today.


We were cruising around on a paddle boat

in the Lake Tahoe while the sun was still out and

tourists were still hanging out…. and Brian’s

phone rang, it was a guy that we had just met

through our blog and he was so pumped to

let us know that he wanted to work with us and

would be joining us “ALL IN” as they say it in

his business, this guy was so excited and we

were too.


Then I got a message on FB from 2 people that

said they were so pumped to join me in my

branding workshop this week and asked what

they needed to do to join, it was so cool because

the whole time we were padding the boat

and singing songs with Hanalei enjoying

the mountain views.


I’m not telling you this to brag…on the contrary,

I am sharing it because it dawned on me

how blessed my family is that we can be together

all the time, enjoying the locations around us and

still be able to work.


It’s been 8 1/2 years ago that I made the leap to

dive into the world of Internet Marketing and change

the destiny of my family.

=>Watch this video of  day 62 of our now 4.5 year travel


It is truly amazing what can happen when you put your mind to something

and watch it unfold.  It doesn’t matter what life try’s to throw

at us there is nothing that will ever get in our way of living

the life we dream and showing our little girl what it

takes to get out of life what you put into it.


If you are like us and have the drive and desire to get out

of life what you came here for then we may need to talk.


Contact us if you want to work with us further…

We have a few things up our sleeve.

1.  Marketing System

2.  High End Travel Program

3.  Click here to get a blog =>


BE UNSTOPPABLE!!  It’s your birth right.


Rhonda and Brian Swan

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