It’s Our Third Anniversary of Traveling the World Today!

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Today, November 25th 2011, marks our 3-year anniversary of travel! Our around the world trip was only meant to last two years, but now there is no end in sight at this moment. We are living proof that you can travel, live your dreams and create a sustainable income!

Looking at us today, you might find it hard to picture us in the corporate world back in San Diego. We were earning six figure salaries and supposedly living the American dream, with the luxury houses and the fast cars to boot. But really we felt hollow and empty inside, stuck in the corporate rat race and only seeing each other on our way to and from work.

Something had to change. Fast.

One thing we new for certain was we needed more freedom. We wanted to raise a child without having to put them through day care, so we set up a mobile business in the industry of personal development and continuing education.

Things were going well, but then something happened that completely turned our lives upside down.

We had invested money in a golf course and property development, but the money disappeared and the golf course was never built, resulting in an expensive court battle over real estate fraud.

It was a huge blow, but digging into personal development books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, we realized that this kind of obstacle or tragedy didn’t have to define us and that even though we were losing all our homes and assets, we still had an amazing business that we could take anywhere.

So after reading the chapter in The 4 Hour Work Week about mini retirements, we realized we could make it our life. We decided to make lemonade out of lemons and embark on what we now call “The Unstoppable Family’s Endless Summer Journey.” We got rid of all our material possessions and embarked on a journey to live our own dreams, traveling the world and surfing the best waves.

In the last three years, we’ve been to countries all over the world, including Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and now Brazil to name just a few!

Our daughter Hanalei has more stamps in her passport than most adults and she is seeing and doing things that she would have only ever learned about in a textbook. She goes to school in every country we visit, so she is fluent in Spanish and is now learning Portuguese here in Brazil.

We believe that the more you give, the more you receive, and everywhere we go we make sure we give back to the communities that we visit as part of our ‘Unstoppable Giving’ project. In Fiji, for example, we sponsored a rugby team made up of islanders from a nearby settlement. They had been saving up for rugby kit, but hadn’t come close to raising enough money for the full sets, so we were very proud to help them achieve their goal.

We take videos of our daily activities and write about everything that we do on our blog, under our motto “Inspiring Others to Live Their Dreams Now.”

If you sign up to our newsletter to the right of this page, you receive a free copy of our Insider Secrets e-book, which shows you everything you need to know about living Unstoppable…from our lifestyle philosophy, to business tips and travel advice. In the book we talk about our “3-legged table” philosophy, including how we keep our minds and bodies in shape, as well as our approach to business. We offer our top tips for running a successful business, and share our travel tips, from rentals to credit cards and electronics.

In addition to our Insider Secrets, we have also created a video called “How to Create Your Perfect Day” to celebrate our three year anniversary. In the video Brian pays it forward and shares the formula for happiness and effortless cash flow. The video comes with a list of questions to help you establish what your perfect day would look like.

Our message is simple: don’t put off your dreams. Take action today and live life to the fullest. And even when life throws obstacles in your way, use them as a lesson to create something even better. Just don’t let life pass you by.

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Please take a few minutes to watch the video of our incredible journey!


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