How to Run a SERIOUS* Internet Business

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In this video we demonstrate the qualities of running a very SERIOUS* Internet business….from Bocas del Toro in Panama!

* OK serious business, but not so serious office!

Rhonda Swan diving into the Ocean in Bocas Del Toro Panama

One of the benefits of working online or from home, is that we don’t have to work from a conventional office. Our business suits are board shorts and bikinis. Instead of a view of a city skyline from a high-rise building, or a room full of office desks and paperwork, we get to look out onto the Caribbean sea!

Forget the instant coffee from the coffee machine to get through the day…we’ve got red wine! We even have our own water playground complete with swings and a trampoline on the ocean!

P.S While you’re working, don’t forget to cover yourself in Bastimento coconut oil; perfect for cooking, massages and keeping away sand flies.

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  • dodie

    I want to do what you guys are doing!! Im available. Please call or email me.
    What an amazing life! and its really real. Ive been making people look and feel good for 15 plus years as an esthetician, Im ready to travel, make money and be the person receiving spa treatments…. Can’t wait to start.

    Warm Regards,

    Dodie Cook

  • Rhonda Swan

    Dodie call us.
    1 (305) 851-254b0 USA
    61 (02) 8006 4748 Australia
    44 (20) 3239 4208 United Kingdom
    64 (09) 889 4443 New Zealand

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