Costa Rica surf trip ending with a Bus Crash…and new Life

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Bus Crash in Panama - minutes after witnessing and assisting

Bus Crash in Panama – minutes after witnessing and assisting

I saw Death happening right before my eyes yesterday…

Have you ever experienced such an event in your Life???

Let me share with you what transpired this past weekend from my surf trip to Costa Rica….

Our bus was traveling right behind this one you see in the pic to the left.

As we were driving around 100 kph down the highway, I witnessed this bus (50 meters directly in front of our bus) slowly start to head off the road. After about 2 seconds with the right side off the wheels off the road, the driver attempted to pull it back on the road.

The curb must have been just a bit too high as he pulled it back onto the road…the bus fish-tailed twice before flipping over onto the side and sliding to screeching halt.

Our bus stopped, everyone freaking out on what we just witnessed…we immediately jumped out and ran over to help.

It was just like watching a movie….in slow motion & very surreal.

I shot this quick video clip shortly after everyone was safe out of the bus.

While we were running over to assist, you could hear all the screaming & crying inside the bus…and smelling the rubber and smoke from the crash.

As we got to the back window of the bus, people were bloody, glass was everywhere and we started helping people out 1 by 1. There were people also pulling themselves out of the windows on the top of the bus.

There were babies, children, women & men all scrambling to get out and helping each other in the process.

The most miraculous thing is that there were ‘NO Fatalities’ from this horrific .

Yes, people were bloody, bonePanama bus crashs were likely broken and most everyone scared as hell, since they probably all had a moment that this may be their last breath as they started to flip in the bus.

Thank God that everyone lived!!!

What this accident made me realize yesterday once again….


Today, I give thanks that everyone lived in this accident….that my family, my friends & I am alive, safe and healthy.

Life is short, there are no guarantees in this crazy world called LIFE…..Live Life today as it may be your Last!

Love to you all…create an amazing week

Here’s a video I shot nearly 3 years ago on my Father’s passing from AIDS….and what the Butterfly effect is.

Aloha from the Unstoppable Family…

Brian Swan aka “Unstoppable Surfer

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  • Paul MacInnis

    Wow – that is nuts….holy mackerel. Very pleased to hear that nobody was hurt – and your message resonsates more than ever when situations like that unfold. You guys lead from the front – and I appreciate what you guys bring to the tribe! Cheers!

  • Guadalupe Viscarra

    wow, crazy events change people, crazy how they surprise us

  • Jon Tripp

    Live everyday to its fullest… I love how you guys keep living that out…

  • Mallory Barrows

    Wow this really reminds me to appreciate life today and to be present in the moment! Thanks for sharing!

  • Regina Van de Velden

    you’re one of the best storytellers. it’s a good thing this bus crash happened.. seriously. it shouldn’t happen but things like this do and because it happens its a lesson for us to realize how human we are and how much we take for granted.

  • Alicia Billman Kraemer

    So glad that you and everyone else was alright as well.

  • Ameli

    I am so touched by this post, glad to know that there were no fatalities. This is a wake up call to realize that we should appreciate & be grateful every day for what we have . Thank you!

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