Anthony Robbins & Frank Kern Exclusive Interview

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tony and kernFor the first time in history, Tony Robbins sits down with Internet Mogul Frank Kern to dig deeply into the psyche of why some are successful, while others are not.

Why did Frank ask to see Tony Robbins and pick his brain on why people are successful and others are not?

Notoriously, people around the world are starting a new venture, a new business and a new year.  Their intentions are to create success in their life, in their business and to have more for their families, but what happens to them?

Tony Robbins believes its fear.  It’s not the industry, or the products its the person.

Fear can hold you back.  It can hold you back in subtle and insidious ways.  Fear can also outright paralyze you from taking action.

What if you had a way to get over fear, and experience more freedom?

While fear can serve us, it can also limit us.  As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”   It’s true.  How many times in your life, has fear kept you from doing what you really wanted to do, or limited you in some way.

You already know the downside of fear, but what are the skills you can actually use to get over your fear and start taking action.   How do you“feel the fear and do it anyway”?

With a few tools unde

r your belt, you can get over fear more effectively so you can do the things that make you more fully come alive, and you can start doing the things you know you need to do, but fear was holding you back.

3 Ways to Get Over Fear

I was watching a video of Marlo Thomas with Tony Robbins, where Tony Robbins shares three ways you can overcome any fear that holds you back.   Keep in mind that for years Tony Robbins has helped people around the world conquer fears and phobias in record time, and do the things they never thought possible.

He doesn’t just find ways to get results.  He finds ways to get rapid results and he’s always sharing the fastest and most effective ways that actually work.

So, what are the fastest and most effective ways you can get over your fear?

Let’s take a look at three ways you can use to instantly stop fear from paralyzing you and start taking more action …

1.  Find Something You’re More Scared of

tonyAccording to Tony, the first technique is to find something you’re more scared of than your fear.   Tony says,

“Some people are afraid of public speaking, or afraid of doing anything, but they’re more afraid of disappointing their children, they’re more afraid of missing out on the opportunity, they’re more afraid of not living the life they want.”

Throughout his life, Tony would also draw from stories of people who would inspire him to new levels.  Sometimes you just don’t know how much worse things could be than what you’re facing, and drawing from other people’s stories can help you put things in perspective.  It’s all relative.

2. The Rocking Chair Test

According to Tony, another way to push past fear is to find out what it’s going to cost you.    You need to find your why:   Why is pushing past your fear a MUST not just a SHOULD?   One way Tony says you can figure out if it’s worth it, is to use what he calls his “Rocking Chair Test.”  He said imagine yourself as 80 years old, sitting on your rocking chair, and you didn’t do whatever it is where fear is holding you back.  If it doesn’t bother you, then don’t do it.   But, if you feel like you missed out, and you regret not doing it, then go for it.

3. Change Your State

Tony says, “Fear is physical.”   If you can change your state of mind, then the fear will disappear.   You need to change from a state of fear or uncertainty, to a state of certainty, determination, or aggressiveness.    Tony says the fastest way to do this is to make a radical change in your body.   For Tony Robbins, the way he would do this is he would lift weights or he would go on a run, while listening to his most powerful music, anything that would radically change his state.

To recap, you can push past your fear by finding your “Why” and making it a “MUST.”  You can find your deepest fear, and think, “If I don’t face this fear, what’s it going to cost me?.”  You can ask yourself, “What’s the thing I’m even more afraid of than the action?”   And, you can change your state of mind by radically changing your body.  Get moving and use motion to change your emotions.

If you find yourself operating from fear, or that maybe some fear is holding you back, use your skills to operate at a higher level, and tap into more of what you’re capable of.

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