5 Year Anniversary of The Unstoppable Family

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( looks like that internet business wasn’t such a bad idea after all)
FAmily in kauai5 Years ago today (Nov 25th)…. Rhonda, Hanalei & I did the most unthinkable thing a Family would do with a 1.5 year old child.

We sold most everything we owned, put the rest in storage and took off on a “2 year” Journey around the world.

We departed our beloved life in San Diego which Rhonda & I met & lived together for 10+ years. We left behind our closest of friends….that we got to know, love and start raising families with.

Was this the easiest thing to do….far from it!

On the morning of Nov 25th, 2008…I had a gentleman ask where we were headed and for how long. I told him that our 1st stop was Hanalei Bay, Kauai (where we married on Nov 28th, 2003)…and was starting a 2 year trip around the world.

His response, “You are so Lucky…Did you win the Lottery?” 

My response…”we lost everything and had to file for bankruptcy due to a bad real estate development deal.”

Not quite the response he was expecting….nor was it the response I was prepared to give.My girl

For the previous couple years, I felt like I was losing my marbles…dealing with lawyers & lawsuits on a daily basis. This didn’t just involve us…I really, really wish that it had.

We also had good friends and family members that were also affected in this fraudulent real estate development.

I would wake-up in sweat between 3 & 4am each morning like clockwork…just f

freaking out on what I was going to do, how we would make it past this, etc.

To me, it was by far the worst thing that had ever happened in my life…or at least that is how it felt.

If it wasn’t for Rhonda exposing me to personal development and great spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra & Dr. Wayne W. Dyer….I can guarantee that we would still not be together.

You can listen into this conversation that Rhonda had with both Deepak & Wayne Dyer back in 2007…..while we were in the thick of it.


BTW….I was really upset with the advice Wayne Dyer gave at that moment and didn’t really digest and process it for many months to My girlcome. Now…it is some of the best advice we’ve ever received…and we live by it!

I would love to share more today….though it is our 5 year anniversary and it’s time to celebrate Life.

Aloha from the Canary Islands of Spain…

Go out and #BeUnstoppable

We are truly blessed and in pure gratitude today!
Please share a comment of thought if you have followed us, or if we have inspired you in anyway!
IMG_2308Be Unstoppable!
Brian, Rhonda & Hanalei
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