1 week at the Sofitel Resort…and now celebrating Hanalei’s 3rd Birthday on the Coral Coast

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Brian & Rhonda sunset pic in the pool

After 6 days at the Sofitel Resort in Fiji…we make our way down to the Coral Coast! If you did not view the video from our previous post, make sure you watch it. Things come in full circle…we just wrapped up a business event at the same hotel we came to 5+ years ago when Rhonda made the decision to become a full time entrepreneur in the home based industry. Here is the crazy thing…we did not know this was the same hotel until we walked into the hotel lobby at 1am this past Sunday morning. Since I am not a big writer…and most people want to watch videos…I find it a great idea just to put things into video. What do you think…leave a comment if you do not mind.
Here is my top 5 rundown from this past week’s event…
* Broke an arrow with my neck
* Rhonda & I together bent a rebar steel rod…between both of our neck’s walking into each other. This was a real fun one.
* Walking on Fire at night on the beach. This was hosted by ……I will have to get back with you her name.
* Charity party that we raised enough funds to school 100+ kids for a year here in Fiji.
* Relaxed at the pool with my family and met great people from around the globe…

I will leave you with a fun video of my daughter, her friend and I sliding down the Pool slide on 1st day in Fiji…life is good! Bula

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  • Francis Anderson

    What a treat to follow your fun family and that’s Awesome that you devote time to charity!! A 3 year old how fun!! My boys are now 7and 9 and time flies!! Great work on your blog!

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