How To Overcome Bankruptcy & Live Unstoppable

8 + years ago today Brian Swan, Hanalei and I departed San Diego to travel the world. What started out as a 2 year trip to re-focus our energy after a tough loss in real-estate and overcoming [...]

Formula For Living The 4 Hour Work Week

How can I spend more time with my family, work smarter, not harder and still live the “4 Hour Work Week“? This is the question that so many people want the answer too, and have [...]


Ebates- A Help For Freedompreneurs

*this post contains an affiliate link…but the good part is, I teach you how to get credit once you register 😉  Much of what I do in a day happens online and with the aid of my computer. [...]

The Life Of An Expat/Traveling Child

What can travel do for a child? She was born in California and stayed until she was 1.5 yrs old.  Her last 8+ years have mostly been abroad. Her birthday parties can be described as a [...]